Staying Strong Isn't Easy

Allison Rose is living the perfect life with her fiance of three years, she's sure they are deep in love. Then comes along the night that changes her whole life and her world goes spinning. Her parents had gotten in a car crash, her dad should recover soon. On the other hand, her mother is in terrible condition and it affects Allison majorly. Allison doesn't know how to cope with her depression and takes it all out on her fiance. Will they make it through this battle or with she break down and leave?


7. "I Love You Mom."


"No!" I shrieked as I fell to my knees. Jake leaned down to comfort me but I couldn't stop crying.


"She can't be!" I yelled. My mother couldn't have just died suddenly. The lady and Josh helped me up and we were led to my mom's room. I reluctantly walked in, fearing what would happen.


There she was, lying on the bed. Silent. I stared at her body for a breathing motion. Nothing. I ran over to her and grabbed her hand and Jake and I said our goodbyes. "I love you mom" I whispered before I walked out the door. I let Jake be the one to tell dad. He broke down to a million pieces. I've never seen him cry before in my whole life until tonight. By the end of the night, I had enough tears to fill a pool.


I sat in my car with my head on the steering wheel, I was crying silently in the hospital parking lot. I wiped away the tears and drove home.

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