Staying Strong Isn't Easy

Allison Rose is living the perfect life with her fiance of three years, she's sure they are deep in love. Then comes along the night that changes her whole life and her world goes spinning. Her parents had gotten in a car crash, her dad should recover soon. On the other hand, her mother is in terrible condition and it affects Allison majorly. Allison doesn't know how to cope with her depression and takes it all out on her fiance. Will they make it through this battle or with she break down and leave?


11. "I am so sorry."


I woke up around four a.m. unexpectedly. I thought about what Caleb had said before he said goodnight. I needed to go, but I couldn't make up my mind. Was this really worth leaving my fiancé? The man who had proposed to me on New Year’s? I would be throwing away all our memories. I loved him, no doubt about that. But I didn't love myself. I just needed time to find myself again, to find my happiness. I stared at Caleb's sleeping body. His chest rising with every breath he took.


I made up my mind, I had to get away. I had to leave. I gingerly rose from the bed I slid the closet door open silently. I dug out my pink suitcase and packed. I wheeled it down the stairs and out to the car, trying to be quiet.


I walked back in the house and wrote a note for Caleb that read "I am so sorry. I wasn't planning on leaving tonight, but it's for the best."


I didn't know when or if I'd be coming back. All I know is that he deserves better.


I walked upstairs and laid the note on the bedside table and leaned over the bed and kissed him carefully one last time, just on the cheek though, I didn't want to wake him up. One of my many tears fell to the ground. I slid my engagement ring off my finger and placed it on top of the note.


"I love you" I whispered as I closed the bedroom door quietly.

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