Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


49. You can't fix it!

                                                          Summer's P.O.V

We walked down stairs. "Welll.... You two ok?" Liam aske. Harry was still around my waist. "Well no duh! He is all over her!" Niall said stuffing his face with food.  I couldn't wait to go home tonight. "We are going." Harry said grabbing his keys. I ran to Dani. I pulled her to the side. "Thanks, for everything. You are truly my bestfriend!" I said. She smilied. "You too, Summer. Have fun, try to have fun. Don't worry." She hugged me and I walked to Zayn. "Bye, Thank." I hugged him. He hugged back. "You act like I am never going to see you."  smilied. I Hugged Liam and Niall. I walked back to Harry. We walked out, It was sunny. It was chilly too. I walked towards the car. He opended it, I got in. I didn't know if going to Lou's was the best idea yet....Harry got in and we drove away. "Have you eaten latley?" He asked looking towards me. "No, I am not hungry." I replied. He smiled. We drove for a little bit. I changed the radio to CD. I slid the CD in. He looked at me. "Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderful-" Harry sang on the CD. "Where did you get that!!" He quickly said. I smilied. Then it was songs off the boys. "You made this?" He asked. I smilied "Yes when you wern't here." I said, he grabbed my hand and held it. "It's amazayn." He joked. "Haha." We pulled into Louis's driveway. "You sure, we are two mins away from home if you-" I leaned over and kissed him. He stopped and got out of the car. My Collar bone was hurting. Harry opended my door. "Do you have my pills?" I asked him. He leaned over me and grabbed them. I smilied. He handed me a water bottle. I took em. "Hope you feel better!" He smilied. I grabbed his hand and we walked to the door. Eleanor opended it. "Summer!!!!" She screamed, she hugged me tight. "You feeling better? Come in. Harry!!!" We walked inside. "How are you feeling?" She asked. I lookd at her. She smilied. "Nevermind." She sat us down on the couch. I was sitting really close to Harry. He had his arms wrapped around me. Louis walked to the living room. He looked better. "Summer?" He asked sitting by El. I looked at Harry. He nodded. "Louis. How are you feelig?" I asked. He smilied. He paused. "Great, You?" I looked at me hands. Harry whispered. "You are ok. Just think. You are ok. Relax." He squeezed me. I smilied. I was glad Harry wasn't madthat I still had feelings for Louis. It was nice he could help me get over him. "Fine-" Eleanor intrrupted me. She grabbed a small box. "Here, It's your 3 month anniversary." She handed it to me. It was small, but cute wrapped. Harry smilied. We opended it together. It was a small box. I opended it. It was filled with pics with me and Harry. "El-" "It's ok" I contiuned to open it. It was amazing! It was filled with pics and a DVD. "What is it?" "A video of every little video ever took of you and Harryy!!!" She smilied. "Thanks you guys, it was perfect!" Harry said. "Oh, Harry I got presents for you." Louis said. I was wondering what it was. He pulled out a small, small box. Harry opended it. It was condoms. Lou laughed. So did Harry. "Lou, they aren't going to have sex! If they were, they aren't going to use protection, since it's their first!" El said I was in shock.

   We talked for another...30 mins. I went to the kitchen, Lou was behind me. He touched me. "You scared me!!!" He smilied. He grabbed a cup. "Hey, I am sorry-"I stopped him. "Will you excuse us for a minute?" I asked. Harry gave me the "I trust you look" I showed him my ring, Me and Lou walked upstairs. We went to their room and shut the door. "Are you ok?" He asked. I smilied. "I just wanted to thank you for stopping that airbag.-" He kissed me. I pulled away. "LOUIS!" I yelled. "Stop! I can't do that!" I ran towards the bed with tears down my face. "Summer. I couldn't stop myself. I mean-" I looked at him "Louis, You broke my heart when you said you didn't want to come over and that El was here. I was devisatated when you two were "Having Fun" The other day when I walked in. It hurt, Now you kiss me. It's not going to be that easy." I walked out the door, He grabbed me arm, "I know-" "No you don't Lou! You broke my heart. Only 1 person can fix it. Harry grabbed the job to fix it, so I love him! I always have." I said he let go of my arm. I ran downstairs. I ran right out the door. Harry after me, "Summer! Babe?" Harry called. I ran down the street. I wasn't going back there. I wanted to go home.

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