Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


12. Why?

Summer's P.O.V


England? They wanted me to go to England with them? I only knew them for a little over two weeks! I mean yeah that sounds great and all. But how and I suppose to cope with all of this? I mean This is sudden? Where was I going to Stay? Whit who? My mind was going Crazy! I wasn't sure about this. "Well? What do you think?" Harry asked. "Um, Well I have lots of questions. I am not sure who I am staying with and I'm not sure..." I said, Their faces looked disappointed. "With Harry, If you want. Or Dani and El." Liam said. Louis looked away. "Who is El, and Dani?" I asked Louis since he looked like he would love to tell me. "El is Eleanor, Louis's Girlfriend. And Dani, Danielle, is Liam's girlfriend." Harry said. I looked at Louis. He wouldn't look at me. "I need to talk with Louis alone. Please." I said. The boys walked into the hall, leaving me and Louis alone. He wouldn't even look at me. "How could you? Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. He still wouldn't look at me. emotions were racing threw me and I felt sick to my stomach. "Summer. I...I don't know. I forgot, I guess. I was so caught up with falling for you. I forgot that I had a girl back home." He said still not looking at me. Tears were streaming down my face. "The kiss meant nothing to you. I fell for you Louis. But I guess I Can't and I can only fall for Harry. Good. I don't care anymore. Obviously I mean nothing to you!" I said still crying. He sat down next to me. "That kiss was amazing. It was. I fell for you as soon as I met you. But Harry had you first and he is totally crazy for you. You are crazy for him too. It kills me when he holds you. I wish it was me. When he kisses you, I know you love it and even I can see the sparks. It makes me jealous when you two kiss." He said with tears streaming down his face as well. "But you had a girl. You should have never done that." I said. "And you had a boy, you shouldn't have done that!" He laughed “You know what. Louis Tomlinson. I can only be your friend. And nothing more." I said looking straight at him. "Ok..." He said not looking up. "Well you have a girl and I have a boy, we can't cheat." I said wiping the tears away from my face. I stood up and got the boys from the hall. They all came in as quietly as possible. Louis was in the bathroom. I sat on Harry's lap. When Lou came out. I kissed Harry. I could see him almost break. I stood up and grabbed Harry's hand. "Goodbye. goodnight everyone. Thanks for a wonderful birthday!" I said walking away. "What happened?" Harry asked. "He has a girlfriend." I snapped. He stopped walking. "Why should that bother you?" He asked as I walked closer to him. "It doesn't!" I said kissing him.


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