Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


50. What the Hell?

                                                   Summer's P.O.V

I was running. It was still day out. I started walking. *Ringggg* My phone was going off. "Hello?" "Hi Summer, Are you ok?" Harry asked. "Fine, Please I am nott going back-" I felt someone touch my sides and pick me up. I was so scared. It was Harry. He set me down. "Don't do that ever again!" I begged him. "What happend back there?" He asked, should I tell him or not. Should I keep it a secret? "Louis... He...Um, Kissed me..." Harry's face instanly went flat. I could tell he was mad. "Summer I trusted-" "Harry, I pulled away. I told him it was wrong!!!" He hugged me. I could feel how steamy he was. "Come on Harry, Lets go home." I tugged on his hand. "No I am settling this!!" He tried to storm off. "Harry this is your last chance. Stop. Come on, lets go" He turned towards me I smilied at him. He didn't smile. I stopped and turned towards him. "Do I have to remind you of tonight?" I asked. He smilied. I hugged him. A cold wind blew. I shivered. "You cold?" He asked. I nodded. He hugged me tighter. "Lets go." He said.

  We were back at Lou's house. I felt sick, I grabbed Harry's hand and held it close. He smilied at me. We walked to the car. "Summer!!" El yelled. I got in the car and shut the door. Harry got in. "You know. This isn't her fault." He was right, I shouldn't be mad at Eleanor. She didn't do anything but being nice to me. I sighed. I got out of the car and walked towards her. "I hope everything is ok. I hope everything works out!" She smilied then hugged me. I walked back to the car. "Everything..Ok?" He asked. I smilied. Then he drove off.

   We were in the middle of the drive, when he pulled over. "Harr-" His lips were attached to mine. I didn't know what to think of it. I kissed him back. I unbuckled and so did he. He was reaaly into this make-out session. I pulled away. "Harry, Why don't we finish this at home?" I winked. He smilied. " I just haven't kissed you in a while." "In a while? Ok" He smilied, then he contiunied to drive home. It was nice the way he made me feel. He made me feel like nothing else mattered. It was amazinng!!!!

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