Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


11. Wait, There's More!


Harry's P.O.V


I was upset when Zayn said he liked Summer. I had to get over it. I couldn’t though. I was just glad summer and I had our own room!!!! It was Summer’s birthday! I had to spend it with her. She came out of the bathroom with only her Bra and panties on. I hugged her. She was smiling. "Why are you getting re-dressed?" I asked. "The boys told me too!" She snapped with a smile. "well good!! We have a surprise!" I said hugging her and pulling her close to me. She pulled away. She looked in the closet for a dress. She pulled out a White Short dress that had a black bow on it. I got it for her when we went to Chicago. I watched as she pulled it up. She looked so damn hot. I watched as she let her hair flow down her back. Her curls she had were perfect. She put on a Diamond necklace she had gotten. She sat down to do her make-up. "Why?" I asked sitting next to her. "It makes me feel pretty. You always talk about how you want girls to feel pretty. Well Maybe putting on make-up does make me feel pretty. Get used to it. You wouldn’t Like me without it anyways!" she said smearing that nasty stuff on her face. "Yes I would! And you DON'T need it. But if it makes you feel good. Than it makes me feel good!" I said smiling. "Well I am going to go and get dressed. I left her aloe to do her make-up. She was so beautiful. I walked out of my room. I raced to Louis and Zayn's room to get ready. We had planned a surprise for her. I knocked and they had let me in. Lou handed me my nice dress white shirt. I started to button it when he asked "So you and summer? How's it going" I looked at him. I started to pull up my pants, "Well, good. I love her lots. I hope after the tour she will want to come with me back to Holmes Chapel" I said staggering to pull up my pants. I finally got everything buttoned and done when the door cam bursting open. "Come on, We don’t want to be late!" Liam said grabbing us. We ran out of the room. We reserved a ball room for her birthday party. She didn’t know though.


Summer's P.O.V


I was just done finishing everything. Putting everything in place. My phone buzzed. I got a text.


Dear Love,


Come down stairs, to the ball room. Make sure you are ready. Take your time. Happy Birthday Babe:)




I smiled. I grabbed my perfume and sprayed me one more time. I slipped on my black heels. I raced down stairs. I opened the ball room doors. There were the boys. My friends. And Family and the tour/management for 1D were there. "SURPRISE!!" They all yelled. I was in shock. It was the best anyone has ever done. Tears streamed down my face. "Thanks everyone!" I said. Everyone went back to their conversation. I ran up to my dad. "Summer!" He said pulling me in for a hug. My dad raised us and I love him so much! "Dad! I missed you so much!" I said as I hugged him tightly! "Summer!!" My 2 sisters yelled! I pulled them in for a hug. Sutton is 11 and Sam is 6. Sutton asked "So did you have fun with the boys? Are they here?" I grabbed her hand and found the boys. They were by the food. Of course. "Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn this is Sutton. The reason why I am here." I said showing her the boys. Her face was in shock. "ONE DIRECTION IS AT YOUR PARTY!!! OH MY LORDY!!!" she screamed. "Hello, I'm your sister's boyfriend." Harry added smiling at her. "YOU DATE HARRY STYLES!!! MY SISTER IS HARRY STYLES GIRLFRIEND!!" She said. "OH MY GOD IT'S NIALL HORAN, AND ZAYN MALIK, AND LIAM PAYNE!! NO WAY its LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!" she said. She was the cutest thing ever! "I have something for you, after the party though, ok?" I said to her. She nodded and ran off. I stood there by the boys. Their mouths dropped and they were staring at me. "What!?" I asked "Summer Bail?" someone said. I turned around. It was Seth. "Hi." I said giving him hug. "Happy birthday Lil' Sis!" He added. "Thanks for coming." I said turning around to talk to the boys. "Look I know we have our differences and I can be a bit annoying sometimes. but I’m your big bro. C'mon lighten up!" He said pushing me. "No thanks you ruined High school for me and you never stopped Levi and his friends! You saw when and what happened and you didn't even care that your "Lil' Sis" was raped! You can leave this party. I didn't want you here anyways!" I yelled. Now everyone was staring at me. I turned and there was nothing else I had to say. Everyone had heard me. I felt my cheeks get red and tears form. I slipped my shoes off then ran. I ran out of the room and upstairs. I didn't want anyone to see me cry. I didn't have a key to any rooms. So I slouched down and fell to the ground. I sobbed tears. I heard my name. "Summer? Summer?" I heard. I didn't care, I wanted to die. Everyone knew now. Even my sisters! Even Harry! I saw someone run down the hall. I couldn't make out who it was since my vision was blurry from crying. I wiped the tears away. I saw Louis. I started crying even more. "I want.....To. die!" I managed to blurt out threw my gasps. "No!" Summer it will be ok. No one really heard. Only the boys and some other people around us. Not everyone. I am so sorry." He hugged me and I wanted him! He only understood me. "Thanks, Lou. I have to make a confession." I said lifting my head off his chest. "What’s that?" "You are an amazing friend!" I said I couldn’t tell him I liked him. "Where's Harry?" I asked looking around. "Down stairs...Summer. Stop crying and get back to your party. You look beautiful and you don't want that to waste it!!" He kissed me on the cheek. I looked up. I saw him smiling. pressed my lips against his. I kissed him. He kissed back. Then I pulled away. He was blushing and smiling. So was I probably. "Don't tell Harry..." I was shut up by another Kiss. He made me feel so good about myself. Was I wrong about Harry? He pulled away. "Shah Not a word." he smiled and helped me up. I grabbed his hand and walked down to the party. I saw Harry. He stood up and ran towards me. He picked me up and spun me around. "Are you ok, I was worried?" I stopped him by kissing him. I needed to know if I and Harry still had the Spark. YES! I pulled away and he set me down. I held his hand. I felt the spark. So there was something Harry and had. I just didn't know yet! I looked around and everyone was back partying like nothing had happened. I looked at Zayn eating a piece of cake. "Red Velvet. Yum!" I said as he stuffed his face full of it. "Mhhmmhhmm!" He said with his mouth full. "Zayn Can I ask you something." I asked touching his jacket. "Yeah, but first presents!!" He said


After presents everyone had left. I sat down. "Exhausted birthday girl?" Liam asked. "Yes." I said laying my head on his shoulder. I got up. And walked over to harry. "Hey we don't have to clean up, just get the hotel to do it. I said pulling on his shirt. "Hey all of our presents are in Louis and Zayn's room. After this that’s where we are going!" Niall yelled. "You guys really didn't have to!" I said smiling. "Yes we did." I walked out of the room and went to the elevator. Then the boys followed. We got to their room. I just stood in the middle of the room. It was a mess! "What happened? A Tornado?" I asked. Maybe we shouldn't have put the 2 messiest people in the same room! "Sorry" Louis quickly said. Zayn Picked me up and set me on one of the beds. The all sat around me. Louis and Harry were on the sides. Zayn across. Liam and Niall Diagonal. Niall Handed me his present. I quickly tore it open. "It's from me and Zayn." He added. It was a shiny box. I looked confused. "So everything, pictures, little things you kept from us can be saved in a memory box. It has your name on the top and look inside." Zayn said opening it. I had picture of me and the boys. The boys and Paul. Little things the boys made. "Thanks so much guys!" I said hugging bout of them. Then Liam handed me a little box. I opened it. It was a silver bracelet. It said Summer. Love Liam. Engraved on it. "Tanks leeeyyumm!!" I said kissing his cheek. "MY TURN!!!!!" Lou yelled. He handed me 3 gifts. One was a shirt that said "I Louis" You can get from their concerts. The other was a necklace that said "Louis" On it then he got me a bracelet that said, "LOUIS" You can all get from the stores or concerts. "Thanks Louis!" I said smiling at him. "My gift." Harry pulled out a Locket necklace and put it on me. Then gave me a ring, mine said Summer, He put it on my finger. Then He put one on his. His said Harry. "These are promise rings. I will explain later" He kissed me. Then he and the boys got up. "Wait there's more." Liam said. harry pulled out a piece of paper. "YOU ARE COMING TO ENGLAND WITH US!!" They all said. "WHAT!!!!"


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