Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


26. Up all night

Summer's P.O.V


As Harry and I lay on the floor, of Louis, Holly and Niall's room. Holly popped the popcorn, Niall put The Ring in. Zayn and Liam sat on the couch and Lou in the chair. Holly and Niall sat down. The lights were off. The movie started to play. I hated scary movies, but I loved to cuddle!! Harry put a blanket on us, and pulled me over to him. He put his arm around me and kissed me. I was holding his left hand and his left arm was around me while his right hand was messing with hair. Then Harry was going in to kiss me and right before, Louis and Holly threw popcorn at us. "Ha-ha, Get a room!!" Holly yelled. "Why don't you too?" I asked them, they gave me the death look. "Um she is 13, I'm like 20, um no!!!" Louis said. It made me smile. "This movie is boring!!!!" Zayn whined. "Let’s play truth or dare!" Liam said. "Or spin the bottle!" I said. "Um you can kiss Harry anytime and I don't want it to land on one of the___14 boys and kiss them!" Niall said. "Ok truth or dare!" Harry said. We all sat in a circle. I sat on Harry's lap. "Ok, Zayn you first! Truth or Dare!" Lou said with an American accent. "Dare" He said in his amazing Bradford Accent. "Run up and down the Hall in your underwire!" Lou said. HE got up and stripped down, we opened the door, and he ran up and down the hall in his underwire. It was hilarious! He came back and got in the circle. (He put his clothes on first) "Summer, Truth or dare!" Zayn asked me. "Truth!" I said "There is always the one!!" Louis teased, they don't like truth. "Ok, Have you had sex with Harry?" He asked laughing. "No! Um... Why would you ask that?" I asked hitting him playfully. Harry pulled me back to him. Harry put his hands on my waist. I looked at Louis. He was laughing and playing.


  After truth or dare, we all went back to our rooms. Harry and I were lying on the bed, when my phone kept going off like crazy. I ignored it, It was Seth. I looked at Harry who was playing with my hair. "Can you sing for me?" I asked him. "When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just don't feel right, Cause' I can love you more than this, love you more than this." He sang. I was about to fall asleep when *Knock knock* I got up and opened it up. It was Louis. "Yes? I asked. "Can I talk to Harry?" He asked. "Harry!" I got him and he came to the door. Louis whispered something in Harry's ear. Harry's face went flat. "What!!" I asked. "Nothing goes away." Harry said, "Go away?" I asked feeling hurt. "No I mean I need to talk to him alone." He said closing the door. I walked to the bed and lay down. I grabbed my phone. 11 missed calls. I unlocked it; I dialed my dad's number. "Hello?" Someone yelled. "Hello, Dad?" I asked. "Hi honey, what’s up it's almost 6am." "Dad, I am home. I am also moving to England." What? Ok, Talk later bye" "Bye" I hung up the phone. he needed to know. Harry came in the room and looked worried.  I stood up, "What happened?" I asked. I walked over to him and grabbed his hands. He smiled at me, and put his hands on my waist. Then I put my hands around his neck. He picked me up and laid me on the bed. While I was lying there, he pulled off my shirt. and kissed me. "Harry?" I said as he pulled away. "Can we wait?" I asked, "You know, Because I don't think I am ready yet.”Yes." He smiled and lay down on the bed with me too. I never wanted this to end!


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