Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


18. Time?

Harry's P.O.V


After I helped Summer with her things. I went up to Paul's room. I was so confused about Summer. *Knock Knock* "Harry?" He said as he slid the door open. It smelled funny in there. I walked in. "Can I ask you something?" I said standing next to the door. "Sure, What's it about?" He sat down and pointed to show me where I could sit. "So Summer and I broke up. I think she loves Louis. What should I do?" I asked, I looked down knowing something bad might come from him. "I will handle it. Ok. She is a nice girl and does help with keeping you guys in line. But I think she needs to go home." He said while trying to find something. "WHAT!? NO SHE CAN'T GO HOME!!" I yelled, I felt eyes fill. "She is keeping you guys not no track. She is keeping you think of her, which is messing up our schedule. She is going home, now after the concert. She can come to England or whatever she wants. No more Tour. That's final!" He said staring in my eyes. "When...When is she going?" I snapped. I stood up and looked at him. "Tomorrow." That's when we go on our next concert. He walked to the computer and started typing something’s. I walked out of the room. I needed someone to talk to. Even though I was mad at the fact Summer was always with Louis, He was still my best friend. I needed him to talk to. I had a room key of his, I slid my key through, and It was hard. to see since I was crying. I walked in. I saw Louis lying on the bed. "Hey Hazza!" HE said quiet loudly. "Hi, Louis I need to talk before the interview today." I said sitting next to him. "Summer broke up with me. Earlier today. I guess she is staying with you now? It doesn't matter. All I know is that I am still deeply in love with her. She is everything I have ever wanted. I wish she would take her time to think, but I wish it would hurry up." I said with tears coming out of my eyes. "Harry..." He put his arm around me, and then the bathroom door opened. "Hey babe, can you help me put this necklace on?" A girl asked. I thought it was Summer, I knew it couldn't have been, Babe. No way. I opened my eyes and wiped the tears. "Harry?" Summer asked. It was her. She was putting on the necklace I got her for her birthday. She had on the promise ring I got her. I felt sick to my stomach. She was wearing her ILouis shirt he had gotten her for her birthday. I was sick. "Babe? Babe!" I said standing up and walking over to the door. "Harry." She said walking towards me. I opened the door. "See you later." I slammed the door shut. How could she be with Louis already, did she dump me for him?


Summer's P.O.V


After Harry was there. I sat on the chair by the mirror. I heard everything he said about me. Was it really true? Did he really feel that way? Did I feel that way still about him? Louis was across the room. "Sum." he said smiling. I gave him a quick smile. "You know. If you don't think "we" are right, and you still need some time. I can give you some. I know it was quick and it was about 50/50 chance you would say yes. I understand if "we" need to stop this so you can think and choose who you really want." He said walking over to me. He slid his hand out and helped me up. I hugged him. "Thanks Louis I think that will be best." He smiled. "Like your shirt." He smiled "We have an interview to go to." I said grabbing his hand. We walked down stairs. I saw Harry. I walked over to him. "Harry, Me and Lou, we aren't anything." I said trying to get him to look to me. He looked down, I smiled. He didn't.


We were all on the bus. "Ok. Summer You have 2 interviews, One with the boys, One without. OK?" Paul said. "Ok, May I ask why do I have an interview, shouldn't it be all about the boys?"  I asked him while sitting next to Louis. "Yep, but since you are the girl, who lives with them on tour they want your perspective of it al. K?" he asked. Harry sat on the ground. "Turn the radio up!!" Zayn screamed.  It started to play, the boys were singing along to them. Well off the day was.


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