Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


38. Telling Anne

                                                  Summer's P.O.V

I was in the car with Zayn. It was a long drive. I knew we were quiet away but not that far! I slowly feel asleep. I woke up when the car stopped. We were at this house. I had no idea where it was, I couldn't make out the things around me, since it was dark I just knew we wern't in London. "Here you go. You sure you want to be here? He asked. I nodded. I went to get out. "Thanks Zayn, I love you!" I kissed him on the cheeck. "Call me if you need anything, K?" He asked as I stepped out. I nodded. I shut the door and walked up to her door. I knocked then waited several minutes. Zayn was waiting until I got in the house to go. She finally anwsered the door. "Summer?" She asked, she opened the door. "You must be freezing! Come in!" She pulled me in then shut th door. She was in a white soft robe. She handed me a blanket. "Sit,!" She said pointing to the couch. "I will make some Hot Coco!" She walked over to the stove. "What are you doing here?" She asked. I looked at all the pictures of Harry and Gemma and Anne. "Do you have some hours?" I asked. She walked over to me. "I have all the time in the world. I took in some air. I told her about me and Levi. I told her what I told the boys, How I was raped and was in the hospital. How my brother didn't stop. She got us some hot Coco. I then told her about my mother, being an acholic and how she died. Then I told her about how I met the boys. Then told her about me and Louis, how when me and Harry broke up I went for him. I told her how he had cheated on  me. I told her about, Eleanor and Him. I had told her how I still had feelings about Louis. But I was in love with Harry. After I told her everything, there was a long silence. She had let some tears out earlier. Now they were gone. "Thank you for telling me." She said smiling. "This means a lot that you trust me." She added. I nodded. It was almost two hours since i've been here. "I think you should tell Harry. Tell him how you feel about Louis." she said I gave her a look like. What!! "So he know!" She added. I nodded. "Thanks. For everything." I said hugging her. "Well It's late. You better be getting off to bed. You can sleep in Gemma's room, Or Harry's." she said pointing towards the hall. I hugged her good night and walked towards the rooms. I wa glad I told her. It was right. To let it all off my chest. I felt 100x better. I was glad someone else knew.

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