Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


34. Kissing in the rain!

Summer's P.O.V

After dinner, they told me about their concert. Slowly the boys went to bed. first Zayn, then Niall, Lou, Liam. So it was just me and Harry. I was standing up, still in the dress. He was laying on the couch. He smilied at me. I jumped on him. He smilied. I laid next to him, he put his arms around me. I was surrounded by Harry. I was almost asleep, when *Boom! BOOMM!* went off. I was startled. "Shhh, It's only a storm outside." He said hugging mr tight. I laid there, thinking of how great it would be, if we kissed in the rain. "Hey, do you wanna kiss in the rain?" I asked looking at him. I took one hand and poked his dimples. He smiled. I sat up and raced towards the door, he slowly got up. I grabbed his hand, "C'mon!" I said smiling. He opended the door and walked outside, I followed. He put his arms around my waist, I put my arms around neck. "I love you!" Harry said. I smiled, he pressed his lips against mine. It felt undescribeable! I kissed back, I never wanted to stop. I heard giggles.  pulled away. Louis and Zayn were in the door way. "AWEE!" They both said together. Harry was blushing. "You two!" Zayn said payfully. I smiled. It started to rain harder. I ran inside running towards the couch. I was so cold! I ran upstairs leaving th boys downstairs. I took off my dress and put on one of Harry's black shirts. I threw on some of his boxers. I threw my hair in a bun and walked down stais. Harry was wearing one of Louis shirts. I sat next to Harry on the couch. It was quiet. "So, can I ask you something?" Zayn asked. "Errrmm, depends." I smirked. "Sure" I added. "What happend? I mean like at your party, what you said?" He asked. All 3 of them were starig at me. I was nervou about telling them. "I was 16. I was dating someone older then me. I would always walk home. My brother was in this group of kids. I was dating the oldest one Levi."  I paused. "Levi always wanted to have sex. One day he was pushing it. I kept telling him no. I broke up with him. He got mad. MY brother didn't do anything to stop him. Levi and 2 other boys from the group, tied my hands to the bed railings with rope." I showed them the scars from where it rubbed. "They um..." I couldn't get it out. Zayn was in tears. I couldn't see Harry's face. Louis was starting to tear up. "They raped me. After that. They tried to drug me oI wouldn't remember. I wouldn't let them I was fighting against them. So they took  knife and cut me here." I lifted my chin up so they could see the scar. I was crying. It was hard for me to tell thembut it had to be done. "They did drug me, not enough though. They left me there. I don't know how long. I couldn't remember. I know they left me tied to a bed bleeding. I thoughtI was gonna die. All I remember is the medics coming to get me. Inbetween that I dont know what happend! I don't know who called or what." I said betweeen gasps. "At the hospital. They put me to sleep. I wasn't sure what they did. I woke up and it was my 17th birthday. Yeah. It was horrible. After that, I have never dated anyone. Except Harry." I looked up they were all in tears. "I never knew!" Zayn said hugging me. "IT'S OK!" I said, They looked at me. I couldn't tell what they wanted to say. "Let's watch a movie!"  said getting my mind off the subject. "Ok." Harry got up and put in a movie. I laid in his arms and fell stright sleep!

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