Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


39. I'm Sorry

Summer's P.O.V

I woke up in Harry's bed. I smilied as I saw all the pictures on his wall of him, and his friends. I got up and walked down stairs. There was a note on the table. "Summer, It was amazing spending time with you last night. I am glad you came to me for help. If you need it again, I am here, or just girl time away from the boys. By the way last night I think you had a bad dream. You were yelling something. I couldn't understand. I hope you were ok. Remembr what we talked about. I went to work, see you later. :) ~AnneXX

  I smilied, I didn't know I slept talked. I walked upstairs and got in the shower. I was almost done when I heard the door downstairs open. I jumped. If Anne was at work, who was it.I got scared. I rinsed off, then got out quietly. I wrapped my towel around my waist. I walked out of the bathroom and down the hall towards the steps. omeone grabbed my waist. "Shit! Calm down!!" I turned around, it was Harry. "Don't ever do that I thought you broke in. That's not funny!!" I said walking towards his room. "You slept here, how did I know." He said with a smirk on his face. "Haha" I stuck my tounge at him. He walked towards me and picked me up. We were both giggling. "Harry I am only in a towel!" I screamed. He kissed me. Then set me down, I grabbed a pair of my matching pink victoria secrect underware and bra. They were pink and had lace on em'. Then I slipped on my black shirt with white Po-A-Dots. Then slipped on some dark skinny jeans and slipped on my white toms. I threw my hair in a messy bun and ran down stairs. "Ready?" He asked. "How did you know I was here." I asked as he went for the door. "Where else would you go!" He teased. "Yeah but I really need to talk with Louis." I said as we walked out the door. "Summer, I don't think you and him can even be in the same room. He gets all emotional, you can't handle yourself. Whatever happend with you two, throw it away.?" He asked I looked at him. "Harry I wish it was that easy. Give me your phone!" I said as he took it out. He gave me a funny look. I grabbed it and raced in the car. He got in and drove off. I dialed Lou's number. *Ringgggg* "Harry, did you find her?" He asked, "Louis. Meet me at the ice cream shop by  our house" I said as Harry started driving towards there. "When, Summer?" He asked. He was confused. "Couple of hours we are at Anne's house. But yes it's me. Bye see you then. Be alone!" I said hanging up the phone. Harry looked at me. "Harry I have to tell you something." I said. He turned the radio down, "Yes love? Anything!" He said looking at me with his beautiful Hazel blue green eyes. *Sigh* "When we broke up, Louis and I got together. Before that when I was at the beach with himand you accused my of cheating. I did. I did cheat and I am so soorrryy! It never happend after that! I still have strong feelings for him." I said, he glanced at me and I coulf tell by the grip on the wheel he wasn't ok. "Harry?" I asked. "Do you even love me?" He asked. I broke out in tears. "How could I not. You are my everything, I love you with all my heart and I never want anything to come in between us again.!!" I said while trying not to cry a lot. "It just hurts to know that my girlfriend is in love with my best friend as well as Me, and to it hurts even more knowing that he loves her back." I could feel the tension. I regreat ever telling him. "NO! That's not it, I was going to talk to him today to clear it up, Tell him I love you and Him and I are just friends noting more!" I said, he looked at me, and sighed. "Ok" Thats all he said, Ok what kind of response was that! The rest of the ride home was silent!

 No one said a word on the way home. We got to the ice cream shop and Louis was waiting on one of the benches, he was looking at his phone, he was wearing some sexy red pants with some white and red strips shirt on. Stop no I couldn't think of him like that! I got out of the car, Harry drove off. I thought he would. I walked over to Louis, about halfway there, he turned to me and raced to get me. His arms open for a hug. There were some girls there, not many though. We sat down outside. "What do you need to talk about?" He asked, His eyes were dazzling blue, I always love his eyes! I need to et over him Clearly he loved Eleanor. "You know, the first day I was in London, I met El and Dani!.  Don't get me wrong they're georgous girls no doubt, they are really cool. But I asked, Eleanor if you and her wer back. Do you know what her response was?" I asked him, his face went dark. He couldn't look up. Then he finally did. He stared in my eyes. I felt like I was about to cry. "She said, What do you mean? We never broke up!" I said, he tried to hug me but failied. I pushe him away. "what doyou have to say about that! Huh!? That hurt to know you were cheating on me and that you lied to me! It really does hurt, Bad" I said as a tear rolled down my cheeck. I wiped it away. I was doe crying like a baby. I looked at him. I waited a long time and then he didn't say anything. "Yea, thats what I thought. I only wante you to know. We can only be friends, nothing more." I got up and walked away. I was shock he didn't say anything. I was done. I was walking away. I stood at the end of the road and waved bye. He just looked at me. I couldn't believe he had nothing more to say.

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