Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


16. I'm not staying here!

Summer's P.O.V


When Louis and I got in the car, He popped on the radio. Our favorite song came on. Good Time by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. We sang some songs, And then he turned off the radio. "Can I ask you something?" He said looking at me. "Um, sure what's up?" I was wondering what this conversation was leading to. "What happened to your mom?" He asked, kind of shyly. "Ever since I was little she was an alcoholic. I remember growing up without her. My dad finally left her for the safety of the kids. I remember being like 10 or 11 and when she got really drunk, she would beat my brother and me. So that's when my dad finally left her. She went to rehab, 3 times. It never helped. Then one day we got a call, my mom was in the hospital and had too much alcohol in her system, and she died." I said, non-saliently. "Did you even care?" He asked surprised. "Not really I mean I practically raised my sisters since my dad worked 3 jobs and Seth was always gone. I had to grow up faster than most kids. So I never really had a childhood like most kids do." I said. It never occurred to me that I didn't care my mom died. I mean she was never there for me anyways, but still. Oh well we all have differences with our parents. Louis kept staring at me. "Yes?" I asked very loudly. "What?" He asked as if nothing happened. "You keep staring at me, Like I am a different type of species or something" I joked. "You just look so beautiful." He said smiling and putting his hand on my knee. "Thanks, also thanks for an amazing birthday." I leaned over and kissed him.


We finally got to the hotel. Lou carried me upstairs. I opened my hotel room, quietly, hope to not wake Harry. I walked in. I set my things down, and went to the bathroom. After I got out I noticed the lights were on. "Hi." Harry said faintly. I jumped over to him. He just sat there. "Is everything ok?" I asked. "Yes. fine. Why are you wearing Louis's hoodie?" He asked pushing me off him. I looked stunned that he would even do that to me. "We were at the beach and I feel in the water and got your Jack Wills wet, so he let me borrow his. Why are you mad?" I asked him. "First off. You don't have your promise ring on, second you left at 9:30 pm and it's almost midnight. Where did the time go? Huh, And third you are wearing his hoodie. So put it together lots of hours together, you don't have your promise ring on, and you are wearing his hoodie. That sounds suspicious doesn't it?" He asked leaning against the wall. I walked over to him. "I took it off when I threw your hoodie on and we had to talk about a lot of stuff. We needed to clear some things up. I would never cheat on you. I told you why I was wearing his Hoodie. Gosh, Why the hell don't you trust me?" I yelled. I slid down the wall and tears streamed down my face. He walked over to me. "Get away from me!!!!!!" I yelled as he tried to touch me. "I am not staying here tonight!" I yelled. "Where are you going to go? To Louis's Bed. I bet you would you slut." He said while tears waterfall downs his face. It tore me up inside, to know I might lose my one and only love. "Never, I .... wouldn't ...ever." I gasped. I was lying on the floor crying. Harry was sitting on the bed crying.  I got up and walked towards the door. Harry Walked over to me. He stopped me and pulled my arm. "Where are you going?" He snapped. I pulled my arm back. I pushed past him. "Anywhere else, I am not staying here." I screamed. I ran out of the door. I raced up to Louis and Zayn's room. "Zayn... Louis..." I screeched trying to open their door. The door flew open. It was Louis. I hugged him. "What happened?" He asked pulling my hair away from my face. "Harry, and I fought, he thought I cheated on him and he called me a slut." I said huffing a puffing. He hugged me. "I am so sorry!!" He said hugging me tight. "Can I stay here?"  I asked. "Of course love." He said picking me up and putting me down on his bed. I lay down and cried. He hugged me close. "Never let me go!" I said. "I don't think I want to be with Harry anymore!" I cried to him. "Shhhhsshhh!! Don't say that! Just go to sleep. See you in the morning Love" He kissed my head and held me close. I closed my eyes and fell straight to sleep.


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