Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


3. I want you


Summer's P.O.V


I woke up in Harry's arms. We must have fallen asleep on the couch. Everyone was in their own room when I woke up. Except Zayn he was on the floor asleep. Jersey Shore was on. I got up, quietly though not to wake Harry. I got some Tea and sat back down. I couldn't help but think about our kiss it was amazing. I think I was falling for Harry. How could I not!! But there was someone else that caught my eye. "Summer!!" Harry yelled, as I jumped. "Sshhh! Zayn!!" I pointed at him. Harry pulled me down towards him on the couch. His arms were wrapped around me. I never wanted this moment to end. We watched TV for hours. I feel asleep in his arms. Once again. I woke up in Harry's bed. His arm was wrapped around me. I looked at the clock. 9:47 it said. Well I guess I should go make breakfast. I slipped out of bed. Put my light brown hair in a messy bun and wiped my messy make up off my face. I walked in the kitchen. No one else was up. I looked in the fridge. Bacon, eggs, muffins, toast. That should be enough!! I started cooking breakfast. Then all of a sudden someone had their arms wrapped around me. "Harry stop I am making breakfast." I said not turning around. I knew it was him. Then I heard Harry Laugh. But it wasn't near me. I turned around and Louis was the one holding me. "I had you so good Sum! That was Amazing!!" Lou yelled. "I hate you guys, I thought it was..." "Harry" he said finishing my sentence. I smiled and Harry comes up to me. "I have the day off. I want to take you somewhere special." He whispered. I nodded. I finished breakfast. I ran into Liam’s room. "Wakeyy Wakeyy!!!!!" I kissed him on the cheek!! Then ran to Zayn and Niall's Room and did the same. They all came out. They all dove for the food. "This is amazing! You are an amazing Cook!!" Niall said stuffing his face with bacon! I walked to Harry's room. I went to grab my clothes. They weren’t there. "Harry where are my clothes." I asked "Being washed. Lou thought you might like to have clean clothes." he said walking towards me. “They will be done in about 20 Mins." he smiled. "I'm going to jump in the shower" I said running to the bathroom.


                                                    Harry's P.O.V


She was so beautiful. I walked to the kitchen where all the boys were. "Are you going to ask her to come on tour with us?" Liam asked. "I want to but I don't know what she will say." I said shyly. "She likes you a lot Hazza, You should just ask her. Come on! Paul already said yes." Lou said. "Ok. When I take her out today." She came out of the bathroom into the kitchen. We all looked stunned at her. She looked amazing. Her wet hair on her back. Her blue dazzling eyes. Her perfect figure in the towel. "Are my clothes done?" she asked me. "Yeah they are on our bed." I said as she walked away. "OUR bed" Zayn teased. "Ha-ha." I said at him.


                                                          Summer's P.O.V


I grabbed my clothes off the bed. There was a note on the bed.


Love, after you are ready, I am taking you out. Don't have to look fancy. Just get dressed. Lots of Love




          Awe he was so sweet. I grabbed my pink aeropostal shirt and threw it on. Threw my white Short shorts on. Put my White toms on with a pink bow in my hair. I threw some makeup on that I had in my bag. I walked out in the living room. Harry was staring at me. "Oh my. You look beautiful!" he said grabbing my hand. "Have fun Babe" Zayn said.


Harry opened up the car door. We drove for about 1 hour. Then I looked out the window. "Harry!" I exclaimed. "Like?" He asked grabbing my hand. Yes I love it." I said. The car pulled up on the beach. We got out. We saw some girls. "Babe, I might have to do some pics, autographs, yeah." He said. "It's ok. We got out. Girls almost mobbed up. Harry didn't let go of my hand. Once. We finally got to the water. It was about 4pm. I looked at him. I put my arms around him. He grabbed me and picked me up. He held me and said. "Summer I know we just met, but when I see you I go crazy! I want you. Will you be my girlfriend?" I hesitated. He put me down. "It’s ok... I thought so. “He trailed off. I grabbed his face so he would look at me. "Harry Styles, I will. I love you!" He grabbed me and spun me. He kissed me with passion. I was so happy! We sat on the beach for hours and just talked. "We should go back now huh?" he asked. It was dark now. We got in the car. Harry grabbed my hand as we drove off. We finally got to the Hotel. Harry had his arm around me as we walked in. Lou screamed. "Baby Carrottttttt!!!!!" Lol he was crazy. "Hey Lou." I sat down on the couch and all the boys were staring at me. "What" I asked. "We want the Details!" Niall says. "What? What are you talking about?" I said. Harry says down and pulled me on top of him. "You two?" Zayn asked. "Yes" Harry said kissing me. "Get a room “Lou replied!! Zayn looked sad. Harry got up and he and Lou went for dinner for us. I walked over to Zayn and grabbed his hand. I pulled him towards me. "Follow me." I said. I ran out of the Suite. I ran to the basement of the hotel. "What’s wrong?" I asked as we sat there together. Alone. "I just don't want him to hurt you." he said. Hurt me? Why would he do that? "I can handle myself." I said hugging him. My phone went off. "Hello, Ok be there in 2 mins. Love ya by." “That was Louis we should go." I said as we headed up stairs. Did I start to have feelings for Zayn too! No that’s Crazy!!


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