Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


24. Holly

Summer's P.O.V


After I found my seat on the plane, I checked my phone one last time before I had to turn it off. *1 new message* "HEY!! Please take your time, Love Harry"

I wasn't sure who I wanted. I mean Yes me and Harry for two weeks that’s nothing and Lou and I a day, I wasn't sure about any of this! I was just another fan that had a week more, After I left, They could got on with their life. Ugh... I looked at the girl sitting by the window. She reminded me of my sister. Brown long hair and a skinny. I was missing home. I think I needed this. After the flight attendant went over the rules, the girl next to me grabbed her book. I couldn't tell what it was. Because it was night. (Duh) "Would turning this light on bother you?" She asked, sounding kind of sheepish. "No" She turned it on. "I glanced at her book. It was One Direction's book Dare To Dream Life as One Direction. I felt my heart break in two. "You like One direction." I asked as she put it down to look at me. "Yes. Actually I went to one of their concerts the other day. I flew all the way from Michigan to Cali. I missed the one in Detroit." She said, I smiled. "Do you like them?" She asked. "Um actually," I didn't get to finish. "You’re Summer Bail. Right? Harry's Girlfriend!" She said smiling ear to ear. "Um, Yes. He just dropped me off at the airport. I am going home now." I stated as her smile went dead. "Why? I mean I know you’re his Ex. But I mean They let you go on tour with them. Not every girl gets to see them perform let alone live with them. You should be glad. You’re lucky actually. They must be great friends." She said turning to face me now.  She was right, I couldn't walk away. Or this way fly away. I was still hurt by all this. I didn't know what to do. "Can you tell me about yourself?" I asked. She smiled. "Um, I'm 13 I am in love with 1D. My name is Holly." She went on the whole trip. She was interesting. Her story was sad. She was living with her aunt because, her dad died and her mom left her abounded. I felt sorry. I Had a surprise for her. "Would you like to visit 1D? Backstage. All that?" I asked her. Her face lit up. I smiled. "Yes!!" She said. "Ok well when they are going to be back by Michigan in about a month. So then I will contact you, and you can come visit them." I said giving her my number. She stuffed it in her bag. I smiled. "Thank you so much!!" She was almost in tears. "Who is your favorite?" I asked wondering if I could get something. "Louis Tomlinson!!!!" She smiled. I took my jacket off and showed her the shirt I was wearing. She was smiling so big. I was also wearing the necklace he gave me. I took it off. "This is your good luck charm. Never take it off. It will keep you and me in touch. He gave it to me, for my 18th bday and now I'm giving it to you." I said slipping it on her neck. "no! You don't have to!" I did anyways. She smiled, a Tear rolled down her cheek. She hugged me. "Thank you Summer!" She said. I was so happy to make her day. I smiled. "No problem." She leaned back in her chair. I pulled out my memory box. "Do you want to see pictures?" I asked? "Do Me ever!!!" I opened it. I pulled the pictures out. I flipped through a lot, then it came down to me and Harry, she saw I was in pain. "Do you miss him?" She asked with curiosity. "Very much." I said while trying to hold back tears. "Do you still love him?" She asked. "With everything I have." "Then Why aren't you with him? You love and miss him. Go back to him. I know he miss you. We Directioner's have a 6th sense. I can tell." she said smiling; she put the pictures down and closed the box. I put it in my bag. "I will, but I won't ever get to see him until after the concert." I trailed off. "Why?" Holly asked. "Paul won't let me!!" I said in tears, she claimed me down. She was always right. She was leaning against me, and feels asleep. The plane landed in Detroit. We both walked off the plane. We both went to get our luggage, "Summer, Summer" "What Holly, I'm trying to find our bags." I said. She sat down and I grabbed our bags. "Do you have a car coming to get you?" I asked walking to the doors. "Summer, look!" Holly said I turned around. It was The boys. I was in shock. How did they get here? Why were they here? They saw me and walked over. "It's One Direction!! I saw you guys perform and it was amazing!!!" Holly said. "Thanks Love!" Louis said and smiled. "What...are you guys doing here?" I asked in shock. "Unfinished business!" Zayn said. "Um Yeah, can we eat first I’m starving!!!!!!!!!" Niall said. "No, She has to get home and you guys have to go back to the tour." I said turning and walking away. "Remember, You love and miss him don't this!!" Holly said. She was right. "I can stay with you tonight right?" She asked. I nodded. "Fine, how long is you guys here for?" I asked them as they all smiled because I said yes. "We leave tomorrow morning. We took a jet!" Liam said with excitement. "Follow me." I said walking out the door. I was unsure about this!


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