Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


31. Guess who!?

Summer's P.O.V


I pulled up to a restaurant that didn't look at all fancy but not nasty. I got out and walked up to the door. There was a wait line. I sat in the waiting seats, These girls looked familiar, and I couldn't tell who it was. Maybe just my imagination. "How many?" A small girl asked. "One" I said, she looked at me and started to walk. "Follow!" She snapped. I quickly followed. I sat in a booth, I ordered my drink, {Water} Then I was looking at the menu when these two girls were standing by me. "Um hello?" I asked, I mean it's not like I know them if they are from England. "He was right, she is beautiful." The small, brunette said, she had long wavy brown hair, she was small and petty like a model, and the other one had long, very curly hair, and had a body of a model as well. They were both really pretty. "Excuse me?" I asked, What she meant; He was right she is beautiful. "Can we sit?" the taller, one asked. "Sure?" I said as they slid in the booth. "I'm Dani, and This is El." she said. Dani and El. Lou and Liam's girls. I was going to eat dinner with the ex-girlfriend of someone I wasn't sure if I was in love with. "Aren't you Hazza’sBird?" El asked. "Bird! I'm not a bird!!!" I said. Kind of nasty, only because she called me a bird! "Nooo!! A bird is like your girlfriend!" She said. "I'm sorry, Yeah I am" I said as the waitress came by and dropped off my water. "2 waters as well thanks!" She said as the waitress ran off. "So what are you doing here?" Dani asked, pulling out a menu to look at it. "I am going to live with Harry..." I said, a smile grew on my face. "I think you two are super cute!!" El said. There was some hatred for what she did to Lou but then again she was super nice. She deserved him, not me. "Are you and Louis back?" I asked taking a sip of my water. I chocked on it when she said "Yes, we never broke up?" She kind of questioned. "Nice. I thought I heard a rumor..." I trailed. We talked for another hour and ate our food; They were both funny and really nice!! I was glad I met them. "Call us sometime, When you manna hang!" Eleanor said smiling. I smiled back, she handed me both of their numbers. The bill came. "I got it" Dani said snatching the bill away. "Let me repay you!" I said I felt like she didn't need to pay for me. "No, You are amazing, I'm repaying you." she said putting a card in the slit. "For what, what did I do?" I asked her, "You made Harry so happy whenever I talk on the phone with him he goes on and on about you." Dani said smiling, "And he is madly in love with you!! He won't top talking about you!" Eleanor said. "He has never been like this before, you are his everything!" Dani said cutting El off. I smiled. "Thanks!" After dinner, I walked to the parking lot, I waved bye as Eleanor and Dani drove off. I hopped in Harry's car. I turned on the radio, and drove off.


     When I reached Home, I pulled in. It was about 7:30p.m. I saw a note on the door. Your things are inside; I put something’s away, -House keeping


Harry had housekeeping? What the heck! I opened the door. Everything was neat and Tidy. I walked to the bed room and all my things were put away. I lay on the bed and looked up. This life is perfect!


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