Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


27. Going home

Summer's P.O.V


I woke up and Harry was still asleep it was 8am. His flight left at 10am. "Harrry!!!!!!" I said shaking him. "Hmpf!" He rolled over. "You missed your flight" I teased, he sprang out of bed. "Really?" He asked I shook my head no. He hugged me. "Remember, My house is now Our house! Ok so whenever you’re going to fly there I have your ticket I will set it by your bag. He put it on my bag. "Is it an anytime flight?" I asked. "A flight to London this ticket will let you on. Remember you will be fine!" Harry said picking up his small bag he brought. "I wish you could come with us too, but...” I kissed him before he finished. "Thanks" I whispered, a tear raced down my cheek. Harry hugged me. "Please don't cry!" He whined. I smiled. "Go you have millions of fans you are blowing off!" I said. He smiled, and held his lips against mine. He smiled. Then went to the boy's room. I got up and walked down the hall. I gave all the boys hugs. It was like I never knew them? I watched as they walked down stairs. I opened Holly's door. She was asleep. "Holly, Time to go home." I said waking her like my dad use to do to us. She smiled. "Thanks Summer!" She said as she opened her eyes up. She hugged me. "For what, I am still getting you those tickets, Now that...” she cut me off. “You did enough for me. Thanks, this was more than a backstage pass." She smiled. I hugged her. "Here" She took off the necklace I gave her. "No honey you keep that." I said pushing it back to her. "He surely talked a lot about you. I think he likes you. You too would be cute!" She said putting the necklace back on. Yeah Hun thanks I think I know that!


    Holly and I almost got to her house. She turned towards me. "Thanks for everything. Keep in touch!" She said as we pulled up to an apartment building. I hugged her and we said our goodbyes. I watched her walk up to the door. Then she disappeared. She was cool; I need to hang with her again. "Where for you sweetcheecks" The driver asked. I gave him the number, and that was it and we took off. Since we lived like 2 hours away, I put my head phones in. I pressed play on my iPhone. "Should I give up or should I just keep on, Chasing Pavements" Adele sang. I slowly drifted off to sleep. "Hey, We are here" The driver said. I opened my eyes. I got out of the car. I walked to get my bags. "Thanks" I said giving him the money. He pulled off. I walked up to the door of my house. *Know-* "Summer!!!!!" I heard two girls scream. "Sam, Sutton!" I yelled. Then ran through the door and tackled me to the ground. "Where are they?" Sutton asked looking around. "Not here, I'm alone!" I said hugging her. "Why did you leave?" Sam asked She is only 6, She wouldn't understand. I smiled and picked her up like a baby. I walked inside. My dad was sitting on the couch. "Summer!" He said smiling. "Dad?" I said almost crying I only saw him once at my party and I missed him so much! I set Sam down and my dad hugged me. "I missed you!" I said crying in his chest. "Sum?" Asked a familiar voice. I turned around. "Mattie?" I said looking at my best friend. She stood there. Her short black hair was straight; she was wearing booty shorts and a half shirt. She never dressed like this. "Why are you like that?" I asked her looking her up and down. "What, If you can change Can't I?" She said kind of snooty. "Babe Who is here?" Someone called walking down stairs. It was Seth; He kissed her and hugged her hips. "You and Seth" I asked in shock. Why did she do this to me? "Got a problem little miss one direction, isn’t got time for friends, whatever I did what I wanted." she snapped. "Well we are out" Seth said grabbing her hand and walking out the door. I walked over to my dad. "Sutton, Sam, Can you go to my room, I will be there in 10 mines. Thanks" I asked, they scrambled off. "So about this One Direction what’s happening?" He asked. "I am grabbing my things, Staying here for maybe a week, Then Moving to London." I said. He gave me that disappointed parent look. "Are you sure, What about school, work, friends, and a house?" He asked with a lot of disappointment. "I am living with Harry; I will find a job and Try to get to school. Ok. I have it worked out. I am 18." I said, feeling like he didn't trust me. "Ok, Well I trust you, I know how happy you are, you have never had friends since Levi, and this could be good for you. If you need anything. Just ask, call. Ok" He said. Then he got up and walked to the kitchen. Well he took that better than I thought; I got up and took my bags upstairs. I saw the girls and then I knew this would be hard, OR would it?


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