Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


53. Back Home

                                                       Summer's P.O.V

Harry and I got back home. It was about 5 a.m. I walked upstairs to our room. I shut the door. Harry walked through the room door. I got dressed and did my make-up. "I am going out for a job tonight" I told him he walked over to me. "Why?" He asked. I smilied. "You pay for everything and you don't need to!!" I said he sat down nxt to me. I put foundation on him. He laughed. I ran to the bed. He smilied. "You think its funny?" He asked, He jumped on th bed and grabbed me, I laughed. He started to tickle me. I screamed. "You screamed so loud last night!!" He laughed. "Never did I!!! You did!" "I did?" He asked. He smilied and stopped tickling me. We laid down next to eachother. I was looking at our beautiful celling. "Harry. What are we going to do with our lives?" He looked at me. "Babe, I don't need to think about it. Stay with you forever!" He was right. I wanted to be with him too. I wanted to have a kid and get married but, that won't happen anytime soon. He looked at me. "I have to go-" He grabbd my arm, "I have a job for you!" He said. I looked at him. "Where, when!" I asked. We both sat up. "With our management!!" I smilied. "No, I can't." I slipped down the bed. "YESS They all love you!!" I smilied. "When can I start?" I asked him. He smilied. "You can start now. Let me call Paul.

  While he was on the phone with Paul. I finished getting ready. I walked downstairs where Harry was and he wasn't smiling. "What?" I asked him. "You...You....You are working for us!!!!" He smilied I punched hi playfully. He smilied. "Let's go!!" I looked at him. "Um it's 6 o'clock!!" I said. He smilied. "Let's get some food before the studio today. "I thought you guys were done in the studio?" I asked. "We need to do volo-" I stopped him and he looked at me. I grabbed his hand and he picke me up. "Oh Y God!!!!!!" "Y God?" I asked him and he smilied. He was crazy. He carried me out to the car and set me in the seat. "How is Lou getting there?" I asked He l;ooke at me "Liam." He smilied and drove offf to the best breakast time in the morning. It was cool I was working for their band. I wanted to, but thought it might be weird.

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