Before you leave me today

Susy Jonson lives in London with her parents and old brother mick, her life was greate!! She has good friends a beautiful family, and Niall her best friend,nothing could be better for her,when suddenly she has an accident that could have ended her life,niall not lost hope that someday sussy gonna be the same as it was before.


2. The sleepover

*a few hours later*
School had finally ended was walking to my house when I felt someone stopped,suddenly I turned and saw beautiful blue eyes, was Niall,hi Niall I ! I told him
-hi how are you yesterday you didn't call me !
forget, Niall and I always talk on the phone if we do not see me because sometimes I have homework to do and he is busy with one direction.

-I know, I'm sorry, is that too much homework !!!
- do not worry but I miss my best friend !! He said making making a sad face
I just missed him a lot, I had not seen in a very long time so I decided to invite him for a chat tonight and have our own sleepover only about us two.

~niall's pov~

was happy that tonight we would be only susy and I, like old times,she is my best friend and we used to always have this kind of sleepovers, just before we were also four because my brother used to come, Mick and Greg are like brothers
I love susy she's like my sister,my young sister,She is younger than me for a week, but no matter, always take care of her and protect her as if she were ten years younger than me.

~Susy's pov~

I get home, Mick was in the room playing a video game, my dad would come later, I ran into the kitchen to tell my mom that Niall would come to a sleepover tonight
-mom! Niall is coming tonight !!
- that's fantastic! I remember when they were about seven years and also did sleepovers, it's great!
I smilled and run up in to my room and i start to get everything ready for the sleepover !!!

~Niall's pov~
When I got home I opened the door and started to prepare a backpack with everything you would need in the sleepover,were at around 3:30 I decided to go to Nando's, was around, I did not take long, after I get home and wait a few hours until finally it was time to get at susy's house.

~Susy's pov~

I had finished all the homework and we were done, I was in the room impatiently for niall arrived, Mick was there, I decided to go to twitter, but there was nothing new so i decided to get out of twiter and start playing with my phone when suddenly I heard the doorbell.
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