Before you leave me today

Susy Jonson lives in London with her parents and old brother mick, her life was greate!! She has good friends a beautiful family, and Niall her best friend,nothing could be better for her,when suddenly she has an accident that could have ended her life,niall not lost hope that someday sussy gonna be the same as it was before.


3. nightmares

Niall was standing there with his backpack and a couple of movies,I gave him a big hug and we went up to my room
-this will be like the old times
-of course!! what movie did you bring ?
-Paranormal four activity !!!
-wow! say that this movie really scary
-yes!!! I know that's incredible
were talking about how amazing it would be our sleepover when suddenly the door opened and entered my mom.
-Hi Niall !!! How are you
-fine thank You !!!
-are higher than the other time,and You look so handsome
Niall blushed
-Well, I leave for chatting and have fun ok, if you need anything call me
-Ok thank You. we both said at the same time and we started to laugh us
were talking a while and then decided to go down for food, to see the movie, when we went we sat on the couch in my room, I put the movie and started.
I sat next to Niall, I leaned my head on his shoulder and hugged him, while, niall stroked my hair and hugged me, he gave me a kiss on the forehead
-i had miss this. Niall said
-me too
*eleven o'clock at night*
-did yo liked the movie?
-yes but i got scared!! I told him while I said as I sat down and leaned my head on his chest.
-me too! He said while while hugging me protecting me
-Bedtime! i said as i smilled
-yes he said Yes, he said, his voice a little tired but you could tell he was happy!
Yes, he said, his voice a little tired but you could tell he was happy
we both went in to my bed and fall asleep in each other arms.
*two ours later*

I woke up and realized that Niall was not by my side, I stood and walked around the room hoping that he could be there, but nothing he was not, I started to scare me, I heard a noise downstairs then down the stairs trying not to trip, when I slipped and I saw a black shadow pass right in front of me, I fell down, and rode when lifting my head I found Niall was on the floor, covered in blood and broken glass had even though I tried to move, to see if Niall awoke, he was still unconscious, suddenly I started to instead listen, susy suuusy suusyy! and woke up sweating and breathing very fast, which made Niall woke up, because I was in his arms
-happens! 're okay, Niall said as he got up and hugged me worried trying to protect me
-was just a nightmare, I said as I began to mourn and increasingly stronger hugged niall
-do not worry I'm here to protect you, he told me while I was still hugging and kissed me on the cheek
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