Before you leave me today

Susy Jonson lives in London with her parents and old brother mick, her life was greate!! She has good friends a beautiful family, and Niall her best friend,nothing could be better for her,when suddenly she has an accident that could have ended her life,niall not lost hope that someday sussy gonna be the same as it was before.


4. feelings for you

susy was still very scared. wanted not ask anything, I just hugged her as hard as I could, after 10 minutes, it was the same, just shaking, and sweating.So i told her
hey what if we go for a walk to the park, maybe that will encourage!!!
It was around 5 am, but if that's going to encourage,Would be what we would do,She just nodded, help her up, and she was crying and shaking,try not to make as much noise as they all still sleeping,when we left the house, walked quietly into the park in silence, I did not ask her anything, and that perhaps only make things worse, when we got to the park and sat in one of the benches
I told her.
happens, why are you so scared? she gave a big sigh and hug me.
only, do not want to lose, you're my best friend and I love you.a tear fell down her face.hugged her as hard as I could and told.
I'll never be far from you!! She kissed me on the cheek and said
but if something happens "susy said "
Like what ?
What if .....But what if something bad happens to you!!!!!!
nothing will happen to me! I promise!! and I promise that I will always be here for you.
She gave me another kiss on the cheek and walked back to her house.
entered the house and went up to her room and we fall asleep in each other arms

A few hours later


I woke up remembering, which had dreamed, I was still a little scared really do not want to lose niall, he's my best friend and without him, I could not do anything .
Suddenly I felt arms around mi, was niall ,I turned me with the intention of giving a gentle kiss on the cheek to wake him, but I turned priate, he was going to kiss me on the cheek and our lips collided, then I felt something I had never felt for anyone.
The kiss lasted 5 seconds . I had to kiss my best friend


I was confused my best friend just kissed me! but, why?
maybe she likes me? I had never thought of going out with my best friend! she's like my sister
I was confused! while we were still just staring at each other, until she broke the silence and said
"good morning"
Good morning !! I said

"few hours later"
I returned to my house ! after that kiss I do not know what to think
I think after, that kiss with my best friend, Made me realize what i felt for her I just realized that I like my best friend!!!!
All I felt for her! was special,  and thanks to that kiss I realized that I was in love with my best friend


~in the afternoon~

I was sitting on the couch in the living room, I was just thinking, mick was there
what happens? Mick said
I'm just thinking about anything!
are you okay? He said
Yeah, I'm, somewhat distracted, that's all
okay !! He said

but really I was confused, did not know how I felt about Niall, until that kiss!!!

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