Before you leave me today

Susy Jonson lives in London with her parents and old brother mick, her life was greate!! She has good friends a beautiful family, and Niall her best friend,nothing could be better for her,when suddenly she has an accident that could have ended her life,niall not lost hope that someday sussy gonna be the same as it was before.


1. Family and friends

Baby you light up my world like nobody el.... I woke up hearing WHAT MEKES YOU BEAUTIFUL one of the most famous songs of one direction, best friend Niall is part of the band! I love them they are amazing.
I walked in to the bathroom to take a bath,then closed my clothe for school and went downstairs my mom was cooking breakfast and my dad reading the newspaper while my brother mick was talking with my parents about going a party tonight,he had no permission to leave because he always came later than it had to come, they were all in the kitchen, I heard what they said while preparing my things for school.
-But mom please I promise that this time I won't be late !!!
-no! you always say that and always arrive at midnight, besides, you are punished for having failed biology, so you stay! Mom said
I walked in to the kitchen with my bag for school
-Good morning !!! I said as I entered to the kitchen
-I'm starving !
-Hear you have some pancakes ! Mom said
*one hour later*
was walking to school with my best friend Emily, when we arrived it seemed that everything was as usual, looked to be a normal day, we entered to the classroom,I sat back in the corner and Emily sat beside me.
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