Before you leave me today

Susy Jonson lives in London with her parents and old brother mick, her life was greate!! She has good friends a beautiful family, and Niall her best friend,nothing could be better for her,when suddenly she has an accident that could have ended her life,niall not lost hope that someday sussy gonna be the same as it was before.


5. everything gets weird

~the next day in the morning~


I was still confused, I really liked my best friend? I get out of bed, it was ten in the morning, I finished bathing, and did not know what to wear, and I was going to see Niall, was a Sunday and we were going to see, would be a family reunion with our families
Then I decided to get a pair of red pants with a dark blue sweater and blue shoes,i wanted to look good for niall, i do not know why, and just let my hair down, as it was curly and looked good,down the stairs, and I saw that mom was cooking something , my dad was fixing the garden table
and Mick was on the phone with Greg, the older brother of Niall He was very excited to see his best friend! Me too, but I was also a little nervous!


I woke up at 10:32 am, and the only thing going through my mind was susy!!
I bathed and dressed, I decided to wear a green shirt with jeans and sneakers,I wanted to look good for susy,so I decided to do my hair as best I could down to breakfast, where were my mom, my dad, and greg,

~an hour later~


niall was acting a little strange, and looked nervous, something was happening! niall matter with you, are you okay? You look a little nervous!! I said
Niall raised his head and said I'm fine!
so I decided to stop asking and I just got in the car


I was still nervous, I jumped in the car and suddenly we had arrived to susy's house
knocked on the door, susy's mother opened the door , she looked very excited ,my mother and her mother hugged very excited ,while my dad and his dad did the same, Greg and Mick also they hugged suddenly everyone was doing the same, but Susy and I did more than that, she came running up to me , i take her by the waist and kissed on the nose!she gave me a kiss on the forehead! and suddenly I realized that all they were seeing us
Was uncomfortable , susy stop hugging and both smiled at the same time.


Niall and I just smile at them, niall was greet my dad, and Maura came and gave me a big hug
then we all went to the house and out into the garden,my mom and Maura were in the kitchen, greg and mick out in the backyard, along with my dad and bobby , but Niall and I went to sit at the couches in the living room to have some privacy .
Niall took my hand and said
susy, you're my best friend! you're like my sister but I think i'm .........
and suddenly, Maura and my mom came at the worst time!!
niall released me, quickly before, they might notice what was going on between Niall and I.
and were you two doing,maura said
nothing, niall said
anything? my mom said
nothing, i said
and then, why niall and you were holding hands
my mom said
I was teaching only a game, susy, niall said
okay, maura said
the two went to the garden and finally Niall and I were alone.


,I was about to tell susy everything i felt for her, when my mom and her mom came at the worst time when They finally left, Mick and Greg came in and sat in front of us
what's going on between you two, mick said
Susy and I went out to the garden
everyone watching us! was very strange!!! I could not tell what I felt susy in front of everyone
then we sat down to talk
The afternoon was spent way too fast
and it was time to leave, I said goodbye to everyone, and when I said goodbye to susy, hugged her for a minute till I had to separate.

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