Surprise Love

Ally was just a normal teenage girl, she never would've thought that she'd be best friends with her favorite band. Who will she end up falling for, and who fancies her?


3. Truth or Dare?

Allie's POV:

"Dare" Liam hesitated with his answer.
"Hmm..." Louis mumbled.
"I dare you to go to the kitchen and make some cereal..."
"Sounds easy enough."
"I wasn't finished! You have to eat it. With a spoon..." Louis had the most evil grin on his face that could ever exist. Liam cowered at the word spoon and said
"Do I have to?"
"Either that, or sleep outside tonight. It supposed to get down to 20 degrees!"
"I. Hate. You." Liam bluntly said as he looked at Louis.
If eyes could kill, we'd be planning Louis' funeral. After Liam used his first spoon, in who knows how long, we continued the game. Liam spun the bottle and it landed on Louis.
"BOTH!!! Truth and Dare!"
"Which of these two lovely ladies," Liam questioned with a wink our way.
"Would you rather kiss? And then kiss her."
"That's not fair; I want to kiss both of them!"
Me and Chirsten both blushed so much and just sat there laughing.
"Fine, then kiss both of them." He said with an uneasy laugh.
"WHAT!?!?" We both yelled at the same time.
Louis leaned into Chirsten putting his hands on the floor in front of them, and kissed her. The kiss lasted a good 10 seconds, and then she pulled away. He had a look of disappointment on his face when she pulled away and I just laughed. He leaned into me next and kissed me. I pulled away after 3 seconds, and he just smiled. I didn't feel any spark or anything like that, I knew that Chirsten liked him a lot, and I could tell he kinda liked her too.
Louis spun and it landed on me, he had kept his place next to Chirsten and has his arm around her waist. I looked at her and winked and she blushed as bright as a tomato.

Harry's POV:

He kissed her, I really like her. Well, I think she's cute. I don't really know her yet, but I will. I'll get to know her; I just hope she likes me too!
Liam’s POV:
I looked at Harry, his face radiated jealousy. He obviously likes her, but so do I. What if she likes him? She'll just have to choose, she pulled away from Louis after their kiss. I couldn't really tell what his face looked like, but does he like her too!? Oh boy, this isn't going to end well.
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