Surprise Love

Ally was just a normal teenage girl, she never would've thought that she'd be best friends with her favorite band. Who will she end up falling for, and who fancies her?


10. Rooftop View

Allie's POV:

We all hung out and talked about Aryn and Niall when they were little. They've practically known each other since birth! They used to be so close until Aryn's dad had to move to the U.S. for his job. But none of that matters now, cause Niall and Aryn are just happy to finally be together again.
Liam looked at his watch on the arm that was draped around my shoulders, and jumped up.
"Guys!! We're gonna be late! We have to be at the stadium at 5:20! It's 4:49!
We all ran outside to our cars and let the boys direct us where to go since their tour bus wasn't here. We arrived at the stadium at 5:15.
"Where have you boys been?" I heard a deep voice yell.
"Oh, um hi ladies. Sorry for my yelling. And you must be?"
Well that was a quick change in attitude.
We all introduced ourselves and the boys explained our situation.
Next thing I knew there was a little blond baby girl grasping onto my leg for dear life. Lux looked up ad when she realized I wasn't one of the boys, let go of my leg and fell flat on her bottom.
Liam picked her up and then hugged me to show her that I was good. Then almost instantaneously she reached her arms out for me forgetting about Liam.
"Sorry, she's a girl. We have that connection thing." I said as I picked her up.
"Well," Paul said "the boys have to go perform so y'all can go back into their dressing room or you can have a rooftop view."
"Rooftop view?" I asked as I put Lux down.
"Yeah, let me show you!" Niall grabbed my hand and dragged me away and up several flights of stairs with everyone else following along.
Niall looked back at me, then did a double take and let go of my hand.
"Woah! You're not Aryn!"
"No Niall I'm not," I laughed.
"Sorry, I meant to grab Aryn's hand."
He replied with an embarrassed look on his face.
"It's ok Niall, why don't we just wait for her, ok?"
Niall just nodded. As Aryn got closer Niall grabbed her had and flew up the rest of the stairs.
"What was that about?" Liam asked, obviously a little upset because Niall was holding my hand.
"He thought I was Aryn." I said with a laugh.
"Oh ok, good enough for me." Liam smiled.
Liam put his hand on the small of my back. I took my hand and moved his to make our fingers intertwine in the middle of our bodies. This was fantastic.

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