Surprise Love

Ally was just a normal teenage girl, she never would've thought that she'd be best friends with her favorite band. Who will she end up falling for, and who fancies her?


1. Of All Places

Allie's POV:

"TELL ME I'M A SCREWED UP MESS, THAT I NEVER LISTEN LISTEN, TELL ME THAT YOU DON'T WANT MY KISS, THAT YOU NEED YOUR DISTANCE DISTANCE" My favorite song played blasting through my speakers as I cleaned my apartment. Yes, indeed I love One Direction; they have been my favorite since they all auditioned on X Factor. My name is Allie Chris Baker, and I live in Texas. Yep, Texas, sadly farther away from One Direction than most teenage girls would like to be, but it's not like I have much of a choice.
*BRING, BRING* my phone buzzed with a new message from my best friend.
"They're finally here! Their plane just landed! I can't believe we actually get to go to their concert tomorrow night!!!" <3 Chirsten
Oh, I guess that's what I forgot to mention... I might not live by them, but THEY'RE HERE FOR A CONCERT!!!!! We were so excited when we found out, we nearly fainted!
*BRING, BRING* a new message from Chirsten.
"Oh and yeah I'll pick up milk, almost forgot! Too EXCITED!!!!" <3 Chirsten haha typical girl, and yes I live with my best friend, we have for about 2 months. She knows more about me that I probably do and vice-versa.
*KNOCK-KNOCK* I went to look through the peep hole in our door and what I saw surprised me. "Should I answer it or not?" I thought. I was after all in only a sports bra and volleyball shorts. I guess I was thinking to long and they got impatient because I heard non stop knocking on my door. I opened it to find none other than the 5 boys I know and love. One Direction. They just stood there and looked at me which is when I remembered what I was wearing. I heard all of them wolf whistle then run into the apartment. Then I realized what was going on, I saw a ton of girls run by my house yelling
Then what I heard next made me want to faint. The boys were singing along with their songs that were still blasting through my apartment. I turned around while my face was still the color of a tomato, they all just laughed.
"I'm uh, gonna go change." I said while trying not to seem to embarrassed.
"Oh no babe, you can just stay like that. Honestly we don't mind." Harry said with a cheeky grin on his face.
"Uh, yeah. I'll be back." I went into my room to change. I slipped on my favorite dark green shorts and a blue and white striped top, and headed back into the living room. Little did I know that Chirsten had shown up while I was changing.
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