Surprise Love

Ally was just a normal teenage girl, she never would've thought that she'd be best friends with her favorite band. Who will she end up falling for, and who fancies her?


4. Meagan

Chirsten’s POV:

“OH CRAP!!!” I yelled to Allie.
“We forgot to call Meagan!”
“Who’s Meagan?” Niall asked with a worried look on his face.
“Don’t worry little Irish man, she’s just our other roommate, she’s Chirsten’s cousin.” Allie said.
“Oh, okay. Niall said with a relieved laugh.
Allie walked over to grab her phone and called Meagan. We’d all decided that if something like this ever happened we’d tell the other girls as soon as possible and the other girls wouldn’t doubt it.
“Hello?” Meagan spoke.
“So you know that one time, where we made that one deal about if that one thing ever happened with 5 guys?” Allie asked.
I turned around and the boys looked kinda confused but were also laughing because they knew that they were that one thing.
I just blushed and turned back to the call.
“Um, besides the fact, that we said we’d marry them as soon as possible and be sister wives with our brother grooms. Other than that I’m lost.” Meagan said kinda confused.
“Well let’s just say we made a deal that if this certain thing ever happened you wouldn’t question it, and it happened …” I said.
“ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!” Meagan screamed.
“NO!!!!!!! Why would you think that!? No, I meant they’re here, at our apartment, so when you get here don’t freak! Alright, bye!” Allie ended the call without another word.
“Alright let’s get back to the game.” Liam laughed.


She sat back down, her long brown hair just falling over her shoulders. *sigh* I really like her, after tonight, I’m gonna ask her to hang out with me tomorrow, maybe coffee or something before our show?

Harry’s POV:

She got off the phone and came to sit down on the couch. She’s so beautiful; I really hope I can ask her to hang out with out getting too scared. Well back to the game.
“Whose turn is it?” I asked genuinely confused.
“Um… I think Louis’ actually.” Allie said obviously trying to get out of the game.
“Alright well, let’s see who it lands on shall we love?” Louis asked.
“Chirsten!” Louis shouted.
He seemed pretty pleased with who it landed on, he has something very cheeky in mind knowing him.
“Um, truth.”
“Will you go on a date with me tomorrow?”
See what I mean, he’d been planning this all night. I really don’t want to ruin what he might have with her, but I like her! Come on! *sighs* Well maybe if things don’t work out, I could try?
“I’d love to!” Chirsten said with the biggest smile on her face I’d ever seen.
Well crap.
Just as Chirsten answered the doorknob jiggled, Allie had a smile on her face, I’m assuming it was there other roommate; um Meagan I think is her name?
As she walked in Allie got up to say hi, the girl was stopped at the door absolutely gob smacked that One Direction was in her apartment. Allie walked past me and said
“It’s not polite to stare Harry.”
Was I really starring at her that long? She’s absolutely gorgeous, her hair high in a messy bun, a Snoopy shirt on with basketball shorts. All of a sudden I forgot that Allie's other roommate was there, what’s her name again?
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