Surprise Love

Ally was just a normal teenage girl, she never would've thought that she'd be best friends with her favorite band. Who will she end up falling for, and who fancies her?


5. Me, In a Dress!?

Liam's POV:

Harry couldn't stop staring at Meagan. Well this might actually work out, Louis likes Chirsten, Harry likes Meagan, or lets hope he does, and Allie is mine. Well, I mean I like her but let's see how she feels first. This game has been going on for 3 hours, and it's gotten really intense especially on the dares!
Niall broke me out of my trance by yelling my name, I'd been staring at Allie.
"Your turn mate, truth or dare?" Niall asked.
"Alright, dare!" Louis screamed out.
Niall quickly fired back off with "I dare you to go put on one of Allie's dresses!"
"Um, well alright then." Allie said laughing and got up. I stood up and followed her to her room. I stepped in and closed the door as Allie went to go find a dress. I walked over to her bed and sat down as she rummaged through her closet. She walked out with a light pink lace dress with black lace around it framing the chest and cutting off above the hips.
"Oh no, there's no way I'm wearing that!" I said sort of embarrassed she'd see me in a dress.
"But you have to! You were dared!"
I sighed and took my shirt off and thew it on the bed beside me. Then I got up only to fall down on my back two seconds later. I looked over at what I tripped on to see a bra laying on the ground next to me. Her eyes lit up, and her hand flew over her mouth trying not to laugh and blushing to see what I had just tripped on. She reached her hand out to help me up and I accidentally pulled her down thinking she'd land beside me. Nope. She landed right on top of me, her cold hands on my chest and her brown hair covering my face.
"I'll make you a deal Allie"
I'll put on this dress tonight, but you have to wear it tomorrow night on our date." I said with a cheeky smile plastered across my face.
"Our date huh? I don't quite remember you asking me out." She said with a laugh and winked at me.
"Well will you?" I asked hoping she'd say yes.
"I'd absolutely love to." She replied "But we better get back out there before they think we're up to something!"
I put the dress on, and watched as she got a good laugh then took it off again. There's no way the boys will see me in this!
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