The day my mind went away

a psychological/philosophical poem about going crazy, using a house as an allegory and some various uses of pathetic fallacy and personification.


1. Where is my mind?

This day has been inevitable, my mind did assure me,

But still there is a longing for what can never be.

I pleaded and I begged but there still shall be no change,

for they are leaving now and all has been arranged.

My hopes and dreams are scattered against the wall and on the floor,

my senses have forgotten of their ever perpetual chore,

while the nerves and the heart are at war to find the sane,

one seeks the truth while the other avoids the pain.

As I run to every room trying to find a trace,

I find there's nothing left in this devastated place,

Instead, deranged and distorted I find the ruins of my brain,

 and then return to my sanctuary of ignorance once again,

As I sit alone deserted, they close the cortex door,

as my limbs become immobile, I can speak no more.

Alone in my sanctum I can vaguely hear a heart,

Palpitating and circulating, who owns this foreign part?

My mind has packed the thoughts away, boxed up the memories,

and all the dreams I thought would stay have left with my beliefs.

There are no lights upstairs now, there's nothing left but me.

Can it be that I have set my mind free, finally?







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