Only You

Becca, a 14 year old girl, is going to her first ever 1 Direction concert for their 2013 world tour. She has been absolutley obbsessed with 1D and espcially Niall Horan for over a year. When she gets the chance to finally meet them, she and Niall actually hit it off. With his fame and her schoolwork will they be able to make it work? Or will someone else get in the way of their love? Read to find out who!! (This is my first ever fan-fic and I wasn't going to let anyone read it but then I found this app! Let me know if you like it please and if I should do more!)


34. Time To Leave (Short Chapter!)

You woke up the next morning but didn’t know where you were. You sat up and looked around. Niall’s room. He must have carried you there when the movie was over. His mouth was hanging open and his arm was draped around you. Instead of sliding out of bed like you normally do, you rolled over, scooted closer to him, and closed your eyes. You immediately fell back asleep. A few hours later, Niall shook you awake and told you it was time to leave. You packed your bags and drove to the airport with Niall. “I love you Niall.” You told him and hugged him goodbye. “I love you too, Becca.” He said back and kissed you.  

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