Only You

Becca, a 14 year old girl, is going to her first ever 1 Direction concert for their 2013 world tour. She has been absolutley obbsessed with 1D and espcially Niall Horan for over a year. When she gets the chance to finally meet them, she and Niall actually hit it off. With his fame and her schoolwork will they be able to make it work? Or will someone else get in the way of their love? Read to find out who!! (This is my first ever fan-fic and I wasn't going to let anyone read it but then I found this app! Let me know if you like it please and if I should do more!)


32. Telling Niall

You heard the front door open then close and Niall yell out for you. You got out of Harry’s arms, got yourself together and then went to see Niall. You hugged him hello but didn’t kiss him. You didn’t want to kiss anyone right now. He told you about his interview when Harry walked down the stairs. “Niall, we need to talk.” He said firmly. “Okay mate. What’s up?” He asked. Harry motioned for the two of you to come sit down on the couch. You were so nervous you could barely walk.  You held Niall’s hand while Harry told him the whole story, starting with when Harry first saw you and couldn’t help but be jealous of Niall and ending with Liam walking in and seeing the two of you kissing. Niall didn’t say a word through the whole story. When Harry was finished, Niall paused for a moment, and then stood up. “Well, have fun you two.” He said and started to leave. “Bye Bec-” “NO NIALL! Don’t leave me! I love you, only you! You’re the only one I want! I just thought I loved Harry when he showed me attention, but I don’t.” You lowered your voice. Then you whispered in his ear: “I love you. Only you. Don’t forget it. Please!” You started to cry. He pulled you in and hugged you. You felt like you could stay there forever until Harry fake coughed. Niall pulled back. “You okay, mate?” He asked Harry. “You sure?” Harry asked you. “Yes Harry. I could never be with you. I love you like family. You’re like a big brother to me.” “Okay.” He said and left the room. You felt bad about everything that happened. “Becca, don’t feel bad. Harry will have no problem finding another girl. He has thousands to choose from.” Niall said. “But I, have you. And you are my only love.” He said and kissed you very passionately. You were finally happy again with Niall. You didn’t think about Harry again. Or at least, loving him. You and Niall would be together forever. Everything was perfect. Except for the fact that tomorrow, you would be heading home to America.

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