Only You

Becca, a 14 year old girl, is going to her first ever 1 Direction concert for their 2013 world tour. She has been absolutley obbsessed with 1D and espcially Niall Horan for over a year. When she gets the chance to finally meet them, she and Niall actually hit it off. With his fame and her schoolwork will they be able to make it work? Or will someone else get in the way of their love? Read to find out who!! (This is my first ever fan-fic and I wasn't going to let anyone read it but then I found this app! Let me know if you like it please and if I should do more!)


19. Finally Back Home

When the plane landed, I quickly grabbed my bag and ran off to see my family. I had been gone away from home for a long time and really missed them. “Hey mom!” I yelled. She was the first one I saw. I gave her a big hug. She started asking me about the concert and Niall when I saw my sisters. They were coming out of the bathroom at the other end of the airport. Ellie is 8, and Lucy is 3. I love being with them. I babysit them almost every day. I gave them both big hugs and kisses. Then my dad showed up. He had bought me a Hershey bar from the store near the bathroom. I hugged him to but it wasn’t like hugging my sisters. They were so small I had to bend down. I was so short compared to my 6’ 3” dad that my head was at his torso. I pulled away from him and hugged my sisters again. They were so excited to see me. We all got into the car and drove home. Our house is only a half an hour away from the airport. When I got home, my dogs immediately ran up and jumped on me. We had two. One was a female multise named Daisy and the other was a male havanese named Rocky. They were both small dogs and I loved them to death. I ran upstairs with my bags and they followed. I got to my room, shut my door, put my stuff down, and got into bed. I was so tired!

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