Only You

Becca, a 14 year old girl, is going to her first ever 1 Direction concert for their 2013 world tour. She has been absolutley obbsessed with 1D and espcially Niall Horan for over a year. When she gets the chance to finally meet them, she and Niall actually hit it off. With his fame and her schoolwork will they be able to make it work? Or will someone else get in the way of their love? Read to find out who!! (This is my first ever fan-fic and I wasn't going to let anyone read it but then I found this app! Let me know if you like it please and if I should do more!)


10. Early Morning

The next morning when you woke up, him arm was around you once again. You slid out of bed and again didn’t wake him. Phew. Then you got in the shower, changed and did your makeup. You barely put any on. You would be on a bus the whole day. Who cares?? You decided to just put your hair up since you had been straightening it a lot lately. Then you walked back out into the room. Niall was still asleep. He was so cute when he was sleeping. You went over to your suitcase and started to pack. You put in all your clothes lying around and got your stuff from the bathroom. You closed your suitcase and put your purse on top of it. You wouldn’t be coming back to the hotel again because there was a new one in Pennsylvania and everywhere else the boys had a concert. You went to go get some breakfast. Harry was the only one awake. It was only 6 o’clock! “Hello love” He said. You blushed even though you didn’t like him (in that way) and he says that to everyone. “Good morning Styles!” You thought that was an appropriate response. He laughed and then asked you “Where’s Niall?” “What do you think, Harry?” And then you smiled. “Right…” He said. All the sudden, Liam’s door swung open and he emerged wearing nothing but his trousers. You casually looked away trying to get him to notice his attire. “Lad, girl in the room.” Harry told him. “Oh sorry, Becca! I’ll go change.” He walked back in his room and you turned back around. Harry laughed again. This time, you laughed too. Louis then came out of his room as well wearing his famous striped shirt and red pants. “Morning Becca, morning Harry” He said and got a cup of coffee. “Morning” You and Harry said in unison. Zayn then came out of his room but didn’t acknowledge anyone. You looked at him for a second but he looked angry so you looked away. Then Liam came out of his room again, but this time, fully clothed. “Where’s Niall?” Louis asked you. “Still sleeping.” You sighed and got up from your chair. “I’ll go wake him.” You walked into his room and sat down of the bed. You slowly kissed his forehead. “Morning babe” He said as he wiped his eyes and sat up. “Oh no! It’s already 7!” He ran out of bed and into the shower. You laughed and left the room. “He’ll be ready soon.” You told the lads.

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