Identity theft

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3. Coming of age

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Olivia was asleep on her side with her hand up in front her face, The silver ring she had found on her fourth birthday was around her middle finger.By now she had forgotten that she found it and thought her dad brought it for her so she loved it and never took it off. As bright sunbeams hit her eyelids through the cracks of the blind She slowly blinked herself awake . She sat up pushing her scuffed up Carmel blond hair off her face and looked over to the clock at the side of her bed "10 am" Olivia groned as she dropped back onto her soft white pillow burying her face. she layed there for a moment until she was awake enough to force herself out of bed. She put on her clothes and sorted out her hair and make up before heading downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs Olivia was greeted by her dad with a big hug "Happy birthday darling" She hugged him back squeezing his waste. He tried to pull her off while making a gagging sound "can't... breath.." Olivia held on squeezing a little tighter "ok now seriously let go I can't breath." he said still trying to pull her off. Olivia squeezed him even tighter and looked up at him and smiled "no" He smiled back at her "Well I suppose you don't want your presents then?" He tilted his head slightly as he asked. Olivia let go, jumped backwards and put her hands behind her back. Her dad laughed again before walking throw to the kitchen. Olivia followed him but stopped half way throw the hall way when she caught a slight glimmer from her ring in the corner of her eye she looked down at it but then just shrugged disregarded it  and carried on to the kitchen.

She walked in the room to find a pile of presents on the table and after a few seconds of looking throw them, she decided to open the smallest first. She carefully pulled the end off the lavender ribbon unravelling the bow and looked over to her dad before looking back and hastily ripping off the dark purple rapping paper  and slowly opening the box. Her emerald green eyes widened slightly as she pulled out the contence of the box. It was a small soft green jewellery box with B.R engraved on it in gold writing, B.R (Bloody Roses), was one of most expensive fashion stores in London. She flipped it open and a wide smile spread across her face . Inside the box was a sliver necklace attached to an sparkling emerald that matched her eyes.She took it out and slipped it round her neck. "So, do you like it?" She run up to her dad and tightly hugged him "I love it!" She looked up at her other presents and walked back over to see what the others where. 

After all the presents were unwrapped  she put all the ripped up rapping paper in the bin, other than one piece that her dog Buster ran off with ofcorece. Just as she was about to leave the room her dad grabbed her shoulder "hold on! there is one more small thing I have for you" Olivia turned around and looked at him curiously. He pulled his hand out from behind his back and gave her a small blue box. She opened it and her jaw dropped as she put her hand in and pulled out a car key dropping the box on the floor.Olivia looked back up at her dad mouth still wide open "you brought me a car!?" Her dad smiled at her "yep you start driving lesions next week. that is... unless you want me to take the car back?" Olivia held the key tight against her chest "So.. where's the car?" Her dad walked her out to the front drive where the was a silver jaguar with a red bow stuck on the top "y-y-YOU BROUGHT ME A JAGUAR!?" She stared at her dad it utter disbelieve "how did you afford it!?" "wellllll... I won it.." "and you giving it to me" she gestured to herself her eyes looking like they were about to pop out of her head. "well I wouldn't get much use out of it" Olivia jumped at him almost knocking him off his feet. "oh my god!  I love you so much! thank you! thank you! thank you! " She squeezed him tighter than before making him gasp for air. "so are you gunna go test it out " Olivia ran over to the car and got in the drivers seat her dad climbing into the pasanger seat beside her and they drove off down the road.

As Olivia and her dad were driving down the road Olivia saw and old lady with long straw like white hair and piercing black eyes. She stared at Olivia as if she had just seen a ghost. Olivia haden't ever seen her before witch was unusual in there area. "Who's that?" she looked over to her dad who looked out the window with a confused look on his face "who's who?" She looked back out the window. The old lady was gone "what?.. well there was a... nether mind" her dad laughed "well Olivia you've finally lost it" she giggled and elbowed him "anyway keep you're eyes on the road!" Olivia smiled and cried on driving but she couldn't stop thinking about her. Who was that old lady?...



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