Identity theft

The spelling and grammar are a bit off but I will correct all that later.


1. A life changing gift

It was late and dark but the taped off area was lit up by the  bright colourful flashing lights of the police cars, Olivia sat in the back of her dads car playing with a rubix cube and listing to the murmurs of the people out side and the sirens as more of her dads co-workers showed up to investigate what was going on, It was keeping her entertained until she dropped it and it bounced under the seat. With nothing left to keep her occupied she peered out the window to her dad who was busy talking to the people that discovered the body and called them. Certain that her dad was distracted she opened the door and despite her fathers orders climbed off her seat and went to do some investigating of her own. 

Olivia walked under the tape and over to were the body was. she was to young to take notice of the woman who lay dead next to her but what did catch her attention was a silver ring, The woman must have been holding it because it was about two inches from her hand. Rapped around the ring was a crimson red ribbon and as far as Olivia knew, if it has a ribbon its a gift she smiled widely as she bent down to grab it then giggled as she ran off back to the car. Little did Olivia know how much that shining silver ring would change her fate...

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