Save You Tonight

This is about an 18 year old girl named Nathalia she moves to the UK for a new start in life. She has heard of One Direction and likes their music but isnt a complete fan, does that change when teen heartthrop Harry Styles saves her at a night club?Warning: ages under 12 should no read this, contains sexual scenes.

-Nathalia .xx


4. "Where am I?"

Harry's POV: Nathalia was in my arms the whole ride home. To be honest I didnt want to let go of her. She looked like an angel. We got to our flat and I put her in my bed, I was about to strip her but I bet she would have thought we "did something" in the morning, so I left her clothes on. I walked out of the room, and saw Niall, and Elianna in a huge make-out session. "get a room" i yelled loud enough so they wouldnt be able to ignore me but low enough so Nathalia couldnt hear me. "You only wish you could make out with a girl as pretty as Elianna" he said pecking her lips. She started blushing and hugged him around the waist. I grabbed two glasses of water, because i knew her and i would have a huge hangover in the morning.



Nathalia's POV: I woke up really early and to  my surprise I wasnt in my house "where am I?" my head was pounding and happened i was about to blow! I got out of the bed and was covering my mouth I didnt want to mess up this person's house! I couldnt find the bathroom until I heard the sink running in the door in front of the bed I ran into it and crouched over the toilet "ughhh" I layed on my back on the cold tile floor "haha got you too huh?" i heard someone say i looked over and saw Harry. I went to cover my body, as i usually sleep in underwear and a tanktop but i realizes i still had my dress on. "erm yeah, I feel awful" i said " me too, there is some water i set on the night stand if you want it," he said pointing towards the bed,"I set it before i went to bed, because judging how much we drank, i basically knew this would happen" " hahaha thanks i guess...can i wash my hands?" "oh yeah sure babe" he said, i got confused 'babe?' did he really just call me that? "thanks" i got up and washed my hands, after that i crawled back into the bed. "do you want some sweat pants and a shirt?" he asked, i looked down and i supposed i should say yes. " that would be fantastic" i said with a smile "here you go" he said throwing them over at me, i didnt mind changing infront of him i mean whats he gonna? the worst if call me fat, so i stripped down and started changing. I had my bra on so i mean he wasnt going to see anything, but i remember i had a thong on. "shit" I said to myself i looked over to him and he was staring with his mouth almost wide open "take a picture, it lasts longer" I said winking at him. He got really red hilarious! I slipped on the sweatpants and then the shirt. I crawled in and brought the covers over my shoulders. I felt him get really close, and then and arm was around my waist and pulling me towards him. I turned over to face him just to be greeted by his lips, " what are you doing?" i whispered as i broke away "sorry its just so hard not to" he said back. i hugged him and dugg my face in his chest, and with that we fell aslleep.

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