Save You Tonight

This is about an 18 year old girl named Nathalia she moves to the UK for a new start in life. She has heard of One Direction and likes their music but isnt a complete fan, does that change when teen heartthrop Harry Styles saves her at a night club?Warning: ages under 12 should no read this, contains sexual scenes.

-Nathalia .xx


3. The Rescue

Nathalia's POV: I couldnt believe i was sitting next to Harry Styles! Okay I know nothing about him, only that he's in one direction, but i had to play it cool. "So whats your name?" i asked even though i knew the answer to my own question "Erm...Harry...Harry Styles" he said turning away from me. i bet he expected me to fangirl ugh. "okay listen you should have told me that before i started dancing with you" i said, it came out really rude but i didnt want it to. "what your not donna start fangirling and screaming my name?" he asked looking at me strange "Ugh you are so full of yourself just like any other famous person out there like seriously? you think im going to fall head over heals for some player! ugh, excuse me im going to the ladies room!" i was furious! i thought Harry would be my prince...i guess not. i was now crying in the bathroom, girls were looking at me and whispering and sometimes even pointing until one of them came up to me. "you were the girl with harry right?" i looked up and nodded, she scoffed "ha! he can so do better you are ugly fat and you look like a slut" with that i shot out the door. i wasnt running but i was walking fast, the bathroom was a dark hall. i saw a man and as soon as i passed him he turned around and started following me. i was walking a little faster now almost running until he grabbed my shoulder and yanked me back "AH!" i cried, his eyes were red and i could tell he was drunk. he threw me on the floor and started climbing ontop of me, he was kissing my neck now and i was yelling "HARRY! HELP SOMEONE!" nobody could hear me over the music he covered my mouth and then i felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. "ahh!" was all i could say i tried getting up but i couldnt escape his grip. "Get off her!" "Harry!" i yelled. Harry pulled the guy off me and punched him until the guy was able to run off. As for me i was in the corner crying and then everything went black.


Harry's POV: she was in the corner balled up, i was trying to catch my breathe before i went over to her. when i did her eyes were shut but she was still breathing, she probably only blacked out i held her tight and carried her over to where Niall and another kind of dirty blonde haired girl were dancing. "hey sorry but-" before i could finish the girl yelled "NATHALIA! What'd you do to her? what happened!" "hey relax she was....uhmm she was getting rapped by a man and i saved her" i hope i didnt make myself sound to heroic i hate being called the hero i dont know why. "oh my gosh, her second night in london and shes getting raped whats her mom gonna think? i was supposed to take care of her!" she was yelling at me now? what the hell? "hey i saved her i didnt cause this. lets just go back to our flat okay? i think Niall's had enough partying for one night" "okay i guess" the girl said. "hey whats your name?" i asked so i wouldent call her 'the blonde girl' "Elianna...Flores" that was a pretty name but right now i need to get Nathalia to our flat.

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