Save You Tonight

This is about an 18 year old girl named Nathalia she moves to the UK for a new start in life. She has heard of One Direction and likes their music but isnt a complete fan, does that change when teen heartthrop Harry Styles saves her at a night club?Warning: ages under 12 should no read this, contains sexual scenes.

-Nathalia .xx


8. Plans

Nathalia's POV:

            We left the store now driving back to Harry's flat. I was thinking back to when we were at my house, I was wondering what harry packed for me. I hope he packed the right things...

             When we walked to his flat, and when we walked in Elianna and Niall were watching films. I wonder when i can meet the rest of the boys. I motioned Elianna to come upstairs with me to put my bag away. She followed me upstairs into Harry's room.

" So did you get some?" I asked with a smile on her face.

"what do you mean?" she said looking around the room.

"You know what I mean! Harry and I heard you from the kitchen!"

" Fine, fine! Wait! Where did you and Harry go?"

"To my- i mean our house"

"Why'd it take you so long then?" she asked, grinning now.

" because we went to the store!" I argued 

"mmhhhhmm, then what'd you buy?"

My face go serious then I started smiling. It was uncontrollable! I couldn't help myself! Honest to got I couldnt have sex with Harry! We werent even dating! I was just supposed to be a one night stand right?

" you're smiling...why are you smiling? Now you have to tell me!"

"Condoms" I said almost in a whisper

" AHAHA are you serious!" she said screaming

We giggled it off and I decided I would shower.

" I'm gonna shower"

"Alright I'll leave you to it" she opened the door and in fell Harry and Niall.

" You were ease dropping?!" Elianna yelled, she grabbed Niall and they marched out of the door, she whispered something in Harrys ear, causing him to grin.


Harry's POV:


Niall and I heard giggling coming from where the girls were. I motioned him to follow me up the stairs. We were listening to what they were saying until Elianna opened the door. I toppled over and Niall and I both landed on Niall.

" You were ease dropping?!" Elianna yelled, she got out and dragged Niall with her.

"you can stay in here" she whispered causing me to smile.

Nathalia came out of the shower, and i didnt think she noticed me there. Her body glistened from the sun hitting the water droplets on her skin, she truly is beautiful. Her curls fell perfectly over her shoulders..I couldnt help but stare.

" Seriously Styles take a picture it lasts way longer" I remember her saying that to me the night i brought her home.

"Nah, i rather just look at you" I grinned at her, then it clicked, I'm not even dating her! I need to ask her out on a real date!

"How would you feel about going to dinner with me?"

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