Save You Tonight

This is about an 18 year old girl named Nathalia she moves to the UK for a new start in life. She has heard of One Direction and likes their music but isnt a complete fan, does that change when teen heartthrop Harry Styles saves her at a night club?Warning: ages under 12 should no read this, contains sexual scenes.

-Nathalia .xx


7. Here We Go

Nathalia's POV:


                                 Once we got to my house  Harry asked me if I wanted him to carry me inside "Haz, I wasnt run over by a car you know, just a couple cuts and bruises" I gave him a little smile.

"Okay Nathalia, just be careful" with that he got out. I was about to open the door, but Harry sped to my side and opened it for me "Thanks Haz" I pecked him on the lips and grabbed my keys to the house. We walked inside and went straight for the kitchen. "Do you want anything?" I asked him. "Well what can you cook?" he said with a raised eyebrow "You name it," I smirked "Pancakes!" "haha okay babe, but can i ask you a huge favor?" I said smiling big, "Anything, love" "can you go pack for me?"

Harry's POV:

          "Can you go pack for me?" she said focused on the food now. "Yeh, sure" I couldnt wait to see her room, i sprinted upstairs and looked through all the rooms, then i saw the one I knew for sure was hers. Her walls were painted with the GB flag, her dresser was white, her bed sheets were red, and her bathroom was blue. I went through her drawers , and pulled out a silk tank top and some short shorts, I would most definitely love to see her in. I pulled out all the thongs i could find and made sure all the ones i packed were lace, it kind of scared me, because she had a lot. I picked out some bras and then normal clothes. I packed her phone charger,camera, and 'girly things' she would need like perfume, deodorant, pads,and also daily things that she needs like: tooth brush, face wash, and she insists on make-up(etc.) I put them all into a bag and dropped it downstairs. When I came downstairs I immediately smelled pancakes "I smell something good!" i yelled " It's called food Styles, look it up!" she yelled back, sassy today are we. I sat down, and before i knew it there were 3 blueberry pancakes in front of me. I took a bite and my eyes widened, she looked at me terrified, probably thinking i would criticize her "OH. MY GOD....THEY ARE FREAKING AMAZING!" her eyes lit up and she let out a sign of relief. "thank god" she said "what you think i wasnt going to like them?" I said raising an eyebrow " i guess i was kind of nervous what you would think" "babe no need to be worried" i gave her a smile and we finished up the rest of our food.

Nathalia's POV:


       After we were done with our food i put the dirty dishes in the dish washer and went to go clean myself up, by that i meant cleaning up the scratches on my face that bitch gave me. They still stung but i managed to get through it "ready to go?" I asked Haz "yeah but i need to go to the store and buy some things first" "okay lets go"


(A/N: skipped the car ride cause they're so awesome that they FREAKING TELEPORTED LIKE NIALL IN GBY)


Nathalia's POV:

                    We go there and Harry put his sunglasses and a sweat shirt he had in the trunk on. We went inside and he went for the pharmacy section. I was really confuse but didnt bother asking until i saw what isle we going into. The first thing I saw were 'TROJAN' condoms. Oh my gosh Harry, really? "which brand do you want?" Harry asked "Harry Ive only known you for two days and you want us to..." My voice trailed off "I mean we arent even dating" "yet," he mumbled to himself. "I mean you can buy them if you want but-" before i could finish my sentence Harry put THREE boxes in. What does he think hes gonna get? "Oh my gosh Harry, we dont need that much!" I said putting two back, but then he grabbed them again "you'll be surprised at how much I tempt you" and with that he threw them back into the cart "Is that all we're gonna need?" i asked "nope two more boxes" he grabbed two more and put them in the cart "HARRY THATS FIVE BOXES!" with that we went to the paying line. While we were paying she looked at us really weirdly, i mean i wouldnt blame her, if two teen-aged kids walked into the store and bought that many condoms, i would be surprised too!



A/N: hey guys Nathalia here how'd you like this chapter? comment below if you want me tro keep going please, i need little motivators like you guys! If you wouldnt mind telling people about my fanfic, id like that thanks for the reads!!!!






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