Save You Tonight

This is about an 18 year old girl named Nathalia she moves to the UK for a new start in life. She has heard of One Direction and likes their music but isnt a complete fan, does that change when teen heartthrop Harry Styles saves her at a night club?Warning: ages under 12 should no read this, contains sexual scenes.

-Nathalia .xx


2. Groceries and The Club

i woke up the next day ugh. i need to get used to UK time. i didnt have anything to eat! i went to starbucks "hi can i help you" the cashier said "hi yes, i'll have the carmel frappe please" "okay anything else?" "no thank you" i paid her and went to catch a cab to the grocery store, tomorrow my BFF Elianna was coming she was coming to live with me. i bought some tea, cereal, milk, yogurt, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, nutela, and some frozen pizzas. i felt like i bought alot but oh well.... i got back home and i decided to go clubbing since i needed a night out. i was getting ready when my doorbell rung "AHHH!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" "HEY! i couldnt wait so i just hopped on a plane about an hour after you did, WOAH! why are you all dressed up chika?" "well i was going out clubbing tonight" "NATHALIA?!?! Without me?!" "well i couldnt help myself"i said sorry but not sorry. "well let me get dressed in sumtin cute and lets go!" i had finished getting when Elianna was in the shower. i wore a tight black dress that stopped above my knees i wore it with black stilettos with a silver bracelet and black earings. i was wearing a clear lip gloss and black eyeliner and mascara i only put a little on since i knew i would sweat and it would make my eyeliner go everywhere. I let my brown curls hang down my shoulders and straitened my bangs, then i put hairspray. Elianna on the other hand put on a blue skin tight strapless dress with also blue stilletos, black eyeliner and mascara. and blush.



The club was lit up and had a lot of camera guys outside we got out of the car. we didnt wait much in line and once we were inside it was amazing we both went straight to the dance floor. they played We Run The Night to Like A G6 we had a couple drinks when i really didnt know what to order anymore so we asked the bartender what he liked he told us to try 'Sex On The Beach' it was pretty strong too! i think we drank it too fast because we both could tell that we were drunk we went to go dance and soon i lost Elianna in the crowd. i found her again but she was dancing with a tall blonde boy, i smiled and turned to go to the bar again. "hey bartender! could i get some shots? line'em up!" after i took a few i went back to the dance floor i started dancing and i felt someone put their hands on my hips. they got closer to me i turned to see a curly haired boy with green eyes and a killer smile. i turned around and i danced with him for the rest of the night. i think i even lap danced him once or twice. i tugged him toward the bar and i had another couple drinks he looked at me and i almost spit out my drink! i was dancing and drinking with Harry Styles.

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