Just A Number (1D)

Savannah is 22. She lives by herself in an apartment in Nashville. Her life has been pretty normal for a girl growing up in the south. She has never been in love or had that perfect movie moment, where the guy runs after her and romantically kisses her in the rain. Until she meets him... On the night One Direction is in town promoting their new album, Savannah only thinks she is just going to see the biggest boy band in the world. After Harry makes a bold move during the show, the chase is on. Emotions are put to the test. And love his in the air.

And DON'T FORGET, my Sequel to this story is up now, Its called Let's Make A Move!!


34. The girls of 1D

I looked over at Lucy who stood just as shocked as I was. "Surprise!" Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie sang together.

"What's going on?" I asked smiling at them.

Eleanor walked over to us giving each of us a tight hug.

"I'm Eleanor, call me El." she said.

"I'm Savannah and this is Lucy."

Perrie skipped over to us, hugging us as well.

"Finally! Hi, I'm Perrie." she said smiling.

"I know." I said. "Hi."

"I'm so confused." Lucy sighed.

We all made ourselves comfortable.

"Let me explain." Danielle spoke up.

"Okay.." I listened.

"Cosmo wants to do a feature on us. All five of us." she said.

"What?! Why?" Lucy shouted.

They all laughed.

"Well, It was originally just going to be about us." Danielle pointed at the three of them. "But since you have been all in the media with Harry, he was contacted asking if you two were offical. They want to know how you snatched him up. And Niall asked this morning if Lucy could be in it as well."

"But I'm not his girlfriend!" Lucy said

"Maybe he wants you to be." Perrie said grinning.

"Oh..." Lucy looked down.

"The Girls of 1D" El said laughing.

"I'm nervous." I said feeling a bit sick to my stomach.

"I am too" Danielle said patting my shoulder, "But it'll be fun. We are all in this together."

There was a knock at the door. "Makeup" I heard through the door.

"We're ready" Danielle shouted.

In came in Three woman and two guys.

One of the guys spoke first. "I'm Kyle. I'll be doing hair along with Matt here." He smiled. "And those three beautiful divas are Jo, Megan, and Sade. they'll be your makeup and wardrobe."

I didn't speak. I was too nervous to say anything. Where was Harry. I just wanted to see him. Matt took Perrie, Jo took Lucy, Megan took Eleanor, and Sade took Danielle all to their stations and began doing what they do best. Kyle walked over to me.

"So your the hot cougar that has all the teen girls going mad because you took their heartthrob?"

I looked at him in disbelief. "Umm. I guess?"

"Girl, why so tense?" he gave me a shake. Gosh he was touchy, "Let me make you stunning,"

he walked me over to a chair. I sat down. "Now just relax, close your eyes and let me work my magic."

All the other girls were getting pampered as well. Hair spray, glitter, and powder was getting tossed in every direction. Kyle had turned on some music. It was playing Maroon 5.

"I do hair." I spoke up to Kyle.

"Oh really?" he seemed intrested enough

"Yeah, I work for Carla Blake at her Salon."

"Oh I love Carla! Please tell her I said Hi!" Kyle gasped.

"How do you know her?"

"I shadowed her for a few months, back in the day. Thats a good salon to work for. Go you!" he said smiling at me.


We had all got our hair and makeup done. They looked at us with proud smiles on their faces.

"We have outfits up for you girls to choose from. Help yourselves." Jo said.

All five of us went through the clothes, I picked out a shiny tank top, it was of an american flag, with black skinny pants, and knee high leather boots. Lucy went with a black dress with red heels, she looked so much older. Eleanor wore a pretty blue shiny dress with a collar on it. She looked sexy, but smart. Danielle wore the same pants as me but with a british Flag tank. and Perrie had on a black tube top and Teal skinny jeans. We looked hot.

We were called out to the main studio. I heard cameras flashing and a lot of people.

"There they are!" Zayn shouted running to us as we entered the studio. He swept Perrie off her feet, kissing her.

All the boys except Harry came to join us.

"Where's Harry?" I asked concered.

"Why don't you see for yourself Babe?" Louis said pointing behind him.

I walked in a little closer and saw him. He was getting photos traken of him. The photographer was directing him. I watched as he turned different ways and smiled. Then he took some serious shots. He spotted me and held his hand up, stopping the shoot.

He walked over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I kissed him.

"Well, this was a surprise." I said to him.

He smiled huge. "It's great, isn't it?"

"We'll see." I laughed.

Everyone came over to joing us.

"They are ready for the girls now." a short girl said to us.

"Break a leg." Harry whispered in my ear.

We all walked over to the white backdrop and were directed what to do. We each did individual shots and group shots. They had the boys join us near the end of the shoot. We did a few shots of all ten of us. then some of us just as couples. It was fun, I laughed a lot.

We were all exhausted after the photoshoot. We were hanging out in the dressing room after, I was dozing off on Harry's shoulders.

"They are wanting to interview each of you." He said to me.


"Yeah, they did us before the shoot. They just want a simple Q&A with you girls, if thats ok?" he asked.

"Sure." i said closing my eyes. "Only if I can go last." I yawned.

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