Just A Number (1D)

Savannah is 22. She lives by herself in an apartment in Nashville. Her life has been pretty normal for a girl growing up in the south. She has never been in love or had that perfect movie moment, where the guy runs after her and romantically kisses her in the rain. Until she meets him... On the night One Direction is in town promoting their new album, Savannah only thinks she is just going to see the biggest boy band in the world. After Harry makes a bold move during the show, the chase is on. Emotions are put to the test. And love his in the air.

And DON'T FORGET, my Sequel to this story is up now, Its called Let's Make A Move!!


26. The Balcony

"Love Songs, eh?" I heard Harry say as he slid the door to my balcony open.

I turned around to see him.

"Nice robe." I giggled. He had on my hot pink bath robe. He leaned his back against the railing to face me.

"You didn't answer me." He smiled.

I blushed. "Well, yeah. I think I finally get what all the fuss is about." I batted my lashes at him.

He laughed. "May I?" he asked pointing to my coffee cup.

"Yeah." I told him, "I can make you a cup if you'd like?"

He took a sip of mine. "No, I'd rather share yours." He said smiling.

His accent was so hot in the mornings when his voice was tired and raspy. I wondered what he thought about my southern accent.

Harry interupted my thoughts, "How long have you been up?" he asked.

"About 2 hours." I shrugged.

"You should have woke me." he said guilty.

"I'm sure you don't get much down time to sleep, I thought I'd let you dream a bit." I smiled.

He leaned in close to my face. "Why would I want to dream when I can spend reality with you?" He kissed my forhead. I was on the verge of tears. Why does he have to be so perfect?

"Harry.." I paused. Lost for words. Looking down I began wondering where all this was going to end. "What are your plans for your last days here?" I asked him. Not looking at him.

"Today, Nothing. Tomorrow, We've got a photoshoot. and Saturday is my Last night, and we have nothing planned, that I know of. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." I answered. I had a charity event that I had to attended Saturday night, with my co-workers. It was supporting Cancer. The Salon I work for makes thier own line of wigs and every year  they hold a charity event to raise money to donate to several cancer funds. And whatever they raise they double in wigs to donate as well. I was so excited to attend this year for the first time. Its really fancy. Everyone wears beautiful dresses, exspensive jewelry and the hottest dates. The press will be there as well. I would love to take Harry as my date, but since it will be his last night here, I wouldn't want him to feel obligated to have to go with me. So I didn't ask.

"What are your plans today?" he asked me.

I sighed, "Ummm, today? Well, Lucy and I were going to hang out but...she's still with Niall." I smiled giving him a wink.

He laughed. "Good. More time for you and I." he sat on my lap.

I wrapped my arms around him. he layed his head on top of mine, admiring Nashville's morning view.

"Why didn't you tell me this was out here.?" he asked pointing at the balcony.

"We've seemed to always have..other stuff on our mind." I laughed.

"Its beautiful out here." He said, " romantic."

I felt sad. "I've never had anyone to share this with. I'm always alone." I confessed.

"I don't want you to ever feel alone." he said grabbing my face with both hands. I looked into his eyes. They were the same color as mine. His hair was even my natural color. I kissed him.

"You are so sweet to me." I told him.

He blushed. "It's effertless when I'm with you."

"thank you" I said. "But I can't take you seriously In this pink robe." I laughed.

"I have an Idea!" Harry sounded excited jumping up and going in my apartment.

I followed him inside. "What are you doing." i asked.

He was fiddling with my tv.

"Let's have a lazy day together. We can make a bed on your balcony. and take your tv out there. We can watch movies and just be together all day. No cell phones, no twitter. Just you and me." He smiled.

"Sounds perfect." I was excited.

We took my rocking chair and my little side table inside my apartment to make space on my balcony. We took my Tv out first. It was the perfect size. Then we took every blanket and pillow I owned and made a massive bed on the ground.

"Would you like some sweats?" I asked him.

"Sure." he smiled. I threw him his pair he lowned me yesterday morning.

"I'll wear these but I want you to keep them ok." he said to me.

"That's fine." i laughed.

I took my hoodie off and replaced it with a light blue tank top. I didn't bother to put on a bra since I wasn't leaving and it was just me and Harry here anyways.

"Do you mind if I shower really fast, you can pick out the first movie while I'm in?" he asked.

"Of course." I answered. "make yourself at home."

He ran to my bathroom. I walked over to my movies. I had no idea what he would be into watching. I wasn't in the mood for a scary movie, or a sad movie. maybe a comedy, or a love story, or both. He was out of the shower fast and returned in just his sweats, his hair still wet.

"So, what will we watch?' He smiled.

I picked out Dirty Dancing and tossed it to him.

"Classic." he mouthed, winking at me.

I blushed and followed him to the balcony.

I sat down and watched him put the movie in. This was the cutest idea. He crawled over beside me on the side closest to the rails. He layed down, gesturing me to join him. I layed back and he put his arm around me. I held his hand and snuggled in close to him. We watched the movie in silence. Harry occasionally rubbing his fingers up my arm. and through my hair. never letting me out of his embrace.


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