Just A Number (1D)

Savannah is 22. She lives by herself in an apartment in Nashville. Her life has been pretty normal for a girl growing up in the south. She has never been in love or had that perfect movie moment, where the guy runs after her and romantically kisses her in the rain. Until she meets him... On the night One Direction is in town promoting their new album, Savannah only thinks she is just going to see the biggest boy band in the world. After Harry makes a bold move during the show, the chase is on. Emotions are put to the test. And love his in the air.

And DON'T FORGET, my Sequel to this story is up now, Its called Let's Make A Move!!


11. Suprise

"I know your not taking me to a football game. Its off season." I said laughing.

"I told you it's a surprise." he patted my cheek. "Now, I'm going to blindfold you." he said with a grin.

Blindfolds, thats hot. I've read Fifty Shades, and I am certainly not against blindfolds.

I grinned at Harry, "I'm all yours."

He slipped a black slid scarf over my eyes and led me out the car. I was so anxious.

"This might be a long walk. Are you down for it?" he asked me.

"Anything." I answered to eager to get a move on. He placed both hands on my waist from behind me a led me on a unknown adventure. It was silent at first, other than my giggling that I couldn't control. I could tell we were entering the stadium. But why I wondered? Every now and then Harry would grip me tighter or move one hand over my stomach. It took us about Ten minutes before we came to a stop. I could hear slow classical music playing all around us. Harry held me close from behind whispering in my ear, "I hope your not afraid of heights."

He untied the Scarf from my eyes and looked out onto the football field in front of us. In the Very center stood a tall beautiful ferris wheel. lighting up in gold and white lights. It was spinning with no one on it. as the music continued to play.

I gasped covering my mouth in complete amazment. I turned around to look at Harry. "This is Beautiful. But I have one question."

He tugged on my braid, "Ask me anything."

I looked him dead in the eyes, wanting to really read him.

"Why me?" I asked.

He looked me right back in the eyes, "Simple. You didn't freak out."

"What?" I Asked.

He laughed, "When I jumped off stage you didnt freak out. and then I walked over to you and looked you straight in the eyes and you just stood there."

He grabbed my hands. "And when I kissed you, I felt something. Something I have never felt before."

"I did too." I said to him.

"I knew what I did was going to cause a lot of shit with the public, Louis and Liam let me hear it after the show." he admitted.

"Well, I'm so glad you did it. Thank you." I softly kissed his lips. short and sweet.

He pulled me on to the field. "Shall we ride? I would really love to get to know you."

I blushed holding one of his hands with both of mine as we walk to the ferris wheel. "I would love that too."

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