Just A Number (1D)

Savannah is 22. She lives by herself in an apartment in Nashville. Her life has been pretty normal for a girl growing up in the south. She has never been in love or had that perfect movie moment, where the guy runs after her and romantically kisses her in the rain. Until she meets him... On the night One Direction is in town promoting their new album, Savannah only thinks she is just going to see the biggest boy band in the world. After Harry makes a bold move during the show, the chase is on. Emotions are put to the test. And love his in the air.

And DON'T FORGET, my Sequel to this story is up now, Its called Let's Make A Move!!


35. Fallout

"You've known Harry for what? Five days?"

I sat in the chair opposite the woman interviewing  me. I was sweating from my nerves.

"Something like that." I giggled.

She laughed. "So, tell me about that kiss. the one at the concert. Everyone wants to know the truth. Was it planned?"

"No ma'am. I was just as shocked as every girl in that building that night." I said

"What was going through your head in that moment?"

I thought about it for a minute. I also wondered what the other girls had been asked during their interviews.

"My mind was silent, to be honest." I said to the lady.

"Would you say you were a hardcore fan of One Direction?"

"No." I said "I'd say I am a hardcore fan. Always will be." I smiled.

"Before the concert, Who was your crush in the band?"

I blushed. "Harry." I said feeling proud.

"Thats amazing." She said smiling. "You must feel like a lucky girl."

"I know I'm Lucky." I sighed.

"Have You and Harry Talked about your future together?" she asked with a serious tone.

My body tensed. "A little. We are kind of living in the moment."

"What happens when he goes back home?" she asked.

I was gettimg flustered. "Umm.." I didn't know what to say.

"Clearly this is a difficult subject for you." she said.

"I just.." I paused, closing my eyes. I could feel the tears under my lids. "I.."

"I'm sorry, I've upset you." The interviewer apologised.

"It's fine. I said wiping my eyes. "No matter what, Where ever he is, whatever he's doing, I'm going to love and support him. Weither I'm by his side or thousands of miles away."

She smiled at me. "You are a sweet girl Savannah."

"Thank You." I cried.

"I'll let you go now, thank you for taking the time to speak with me." she said shaking my hand.

"Your welcome." I said back, leaving the room.

I walked down the hall to Harry's dressing room. He wasn't in there. I sat down and let my tears flood my face. That was so intense. I have never opened up to anyone about our relationship, except Lucy, and Liam. Now I was sharing it with the world. It wasn't a fairy tale ending though. Everyone must think I'm and idiot for believing I could make it work.

Harry walked through the door. He rushed over to me. "Sav?"

I had my face in my hands.

"Look at me, please Sav?" he begged.

"I can't do this." i cried in my hands.

"Do What?" he asked. pulling me in his arms.

"This." I said looking at him. "Us."

He let me go and stared at me. His eyes were pleading, wanting me to take back what I had just said like I had slapped him in the face.

"But.. I love you." he choked.

"You don't even know me, Harry." i cried

He shook his head. "Was it really that bad?" He shouted at me.

It hurt, hearing him raise his voice at me.

"Enough to make you end this? Everything that we've said, every kiss, every touch?" he cried.

"I should go home." I said not answering him. I backed away from him. He continued to look at me like I had smacked him. I reached the door.

"I love you." I said walking out. and then running to the stair case. I ran down to the first floor. Out to the street, and yelled for a taxi. I hopped in and went to my apartment. I cried the whole way there. I had left him. Standing there begging me. begging for an answer that I was too afraid to say. I had never been more ashamed of myself in my entire life. How could he ever forgive me? Apart of me didn't want him to. Maybe it would make things easier in the long run if he hated me for breaking his heart.

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