Just A Number (1D)

Savannah is 22. She lives by herself in an apartment in Nashville. Her life has been pretty normal for a girl growing up in the south. She has never been in love or had that perfect movie moment, where the guy runs after her and romantically kisses her in the rain. Until she meets him... On the night One Direction is in town promoting their new album, Savannah only thinks she is just going to see the biggest boy band in the world. After Harry makes a bold move during the show, the chase is on. Emotions are put to the test. And love his in the air.

And DON'T FORGET, my Sequel to this story is up now, Its called Let's Make A Move!!


31. Come Away With Me

**Authors Note**

This is my favorite chapter I've written. I hope it means as much to you guys reading this as it does to me. And again, Thank so much for taking the time to read my story. Love You. More to come.

I was still sitting on my counter when Harry let go of me and stormed into my room crying, shutting the door behind him. I let my face fall into my hands as I sobbed. I didn't want Maddie, Zayn or Liam hearing me. So I tried pouring myself another glass of wine. I was going to drink the pain away. I was shaking as I poured the wine, accidently knocking the glass on the floor shattering it. I fell to the floor crying. Liam burst through the door of my balcony.

"Let me call you back Dani." He said in his phone. "Love you."

He ran over to me on the floor.

"Savannah, Where's Harry, Are you ok?" He had his hands on my shoulders.

I continued to cry shaking my head. Liam hugged me tight. "Did something happen?"

I looked up at him. I knew I probably looked pathetic. "I've upset him."

"How? I'm sure it's not that bad." He said comforting me.

"Liam, I don't know what to do at this point. I love him. I don't think I can physically live my life without him in it." I cried.

He sat down beside me in the floor leaning against the cabinets, as he layed a towel over the mess i had made. "I'm sorry." he said looking down.

"He wants me to come to Atlanta with you guys. But then what? I can't keep following you guys from city to city and country to country. I have a home. A job. I can't just leave, how would I support myself?'

Zayn and Maddie must have been asleep, being is they didn't budge when I shattered my glass. Liam continued to look at the ground.

"Say Something." i said to him.

"I know he loves you." he looked up at me. "He has to. His whole time here has been revolved around you."

"Where do I go from here though? I don't want to break his heart. I want to spend every minute I can with him. I mean, do I try long distance with him? I don't think I can handle that."

"I'm always away from Dani." he shrugged. "I miss her every minute of every day. But we make it work."

I cried harder. "But you've been with her for forever! i've only just met Harry. Even though I know I love him, I've only began to know him."

He patted my back. "Look Savannah, do what your heart tells you to do. I know it sounds cheesy but it works."

I smiled at him. "Thanks for being here for me." I kissed his cheek. "I'd like to meet Danielle one day. She must be special to snag a sweet man like you"

He smiled. "Double date?" he asked.

"Hopefully one day." i smiled. His phone rang.

"I have to get this. I'm sorry. Look if you need anything I'm here for you."

I shook my head as he got up. I tried to pull myself together as I cleaned my mess I made. I got a bottle of water to take to my beside. I was scared to face Harry. Was he still crying? I slowly poked through my door.  He was sitting on the floor in the dark with his legs pulled up to his chest hiding his face in his arms.

"Harry..." I said.

He didn't answer. I walked over to him, kneeling down in front of him. I put both hands on the back of his neck, pulling his face up to look at me. His eyes were red and swollen. I got choked up again. I had done this to him.

"I love you like crazy. All of you. I don't want to spend a day without you." I said to him. "But take a second and reflect on my life here. I'm still the new girl in town trying to make something of myself. If I leave it makes me a quitter. I don't want you to leave me Harry. but it is what it is. All I know to do is love you as much as I can while I still have you with me." I cried to him.

He looked at me with dried tears on his face. He wiped my face. "I've had the best few days with you." He kissed my neck. I placed both my hands on each side of his face. I kissed him gently before letting him go.  I stood up and walked over to my iphone, plugging it in to my speaker doc. Harry turned around pulling himself up to leaned forward on my bed. "What are you doing?" he asked me.

I looked at him and smiled. "ssshhh." I hushed him. I scrolled through my music. I knew exactly what I was looking for, I was going to make tonight end right. I scrolled to Norah Jones. Before pressing play I took all my clothes off. Harry watched me, not saying a single word. I hit repeat then play on my phone, playing 'Come Away with Me'. I walked over to my bed reaching for Harry to come closer to me. He was on his knees on my bed facing me. I pulled his shirt off of him. I hugged him close. I still had a terrbile urge to cry.

"I've always wanted to make love to this song." I whispered in his ear. He kissed my neck. My breathing increased. I let my hand rub his back, as he kissed up to my jaw. When his lips made it to mine, I let my tears out. I wasn't crying because I was sad anymore. I was crying because I didn't think I could ever feel this loved. Harry held my face, kissing me softly. I pushed him down onto the bed, as I layed on top of him. I began kissing his jaw, His neck, his shoulders. My tears falling on his chest as I went futher down his body. I was at his hips. Letting my hands trail to his jeans, I unbuttoned them. Sliding them off with his underwear as well. I crawled back on top of him. Kissing his lips. He was crying too. I kissed his tears, wiping the rest with my hand.

"I'll love you forever Savannah." he said to me. Kissing me and then making love to me all night. It was by far the best night of my life.

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