The Pizza Man

As requested by Lia-loves-cookies


1. The Pizza Man

The Pizza Man


'Free Pizza' I cry out to all,

As I kick the burnt doe to the street. 

The only ones

who are eating it though

are those who had nothing to eat.


I see a rich woman pick up a tough slice

and I pull my weird face of confusion,

This doesn't make sense

what I'm seeing before me

It must be some kind of illusion.


With the woman in my mind

I ran down the road

With my foot, ready in position.

A women like that

Shouldn't eat pizza doe

That's been cooked in such rough conditions.


I kick her large hips

And the doe hits the floor,

Thank goodness she hadn't a bite.

If she had I'd be fired

the food had expired

and she would've had a terrible fright.





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