The Scars Left Behind


1. The Scars Left Behind

The blood bleeds red,
Now it's knives I dread.

Unhealed wounds fill my wrist,
I question why I exist.

Cuts disguised under a sleeve,
Doing my best to hide the grieve.

This habit is unhealthy,
The hardest part is staying stealthy.

It's not long before the secrets revealed,
They cant do anything to make me healed.

They barge into my domain,
Thinking they can turn me sane.

I need help is what they say,
I can't stop, I do this everyday.

My knives are taken,
Leaving me shaken.

I need to change,
This is all too strange.

This isn't the life I plan to live,
It's those certain people I will never forgive.

I need to escape this deep abyss,
To my find my state of bliss.

I've found other ways,
Goodbye to those sad days.

I'm no longer in pain,
However, the scars still remain.


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