Teenage Dream - One Direction

Sophie is flying to visit her friend Ida in NY. Ida had get 2 tickets to a One Direction concert. It's been 4 years since they had heard, seen or listened to Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, so they were a little exciting.

There are happening unexpected things in the airport, that changing Sophie’s visit, and a lot of secrets is coming out of people mouths.

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1. The beginning.

I was finally home from a horrible day at school. I was studying to be a psychologist. It’s been my dream since I was a little girl.

When I saw my lovely sofa I just jump right on it, turned on the TV, and called after a pizza! I had planed my night. What to eat: Pizza and Ben and Jerry’s. What to do: watch as many episodes of FRIENDS, before I fell asleep! I was doing exactly what I had planed, and my eyes were slowly closed, but then I got a phone call from my best friend. She lived in New York and I haven’t seen her in 4 month.

"Hey sweetie, guess what I got for us!!" I don’t know what it could be, cause I was really tired now and I know she don’t think very much and I was sure that she haven’t thought about the time difference. "I really don’t know Ida!! Tell me what it is" Her name was Ida and she was studying in New York, she wanted to be a lawyer. It had also been her dream since she was little.

"Do you remember the boy band we were totally crazy about, 4 years ago?" Of course I remember them. They were our heroes! They were the reason that we started to talk together. We had always imagined that we were going to marry one of them, but it was just a teenage dream.

"What about them" I ask. "They have a concert here in New York in a month and I got us tickets" I had a weird feeling, I was 19 now and I haven’t listen or stalked them for years! "Hello Sophie?" Sophie that was me. "Yes?" I answer but I just really want to sleep right know "do you want to come with me? You can come and stay with me?" "I don’t know Ida, we don’t fancy them anymore!!" "I know that but I just thought it could be fun to see and hear them sing again. And we never had a chance to go to one of their concerts! I thought you would be happy!!" I could hear she was a little sad and angry now. And I owed the 15-year-old girl inside me. "It could maybe be kind of fun. And I heard that Harry is still single" I could hear that she smiled now. Harry had always been her favorite "yeah and Niall just broke up with his girlfriend" she said. I had to get some sleep, but we made a deal that we should talk again tomorrow and plan it.

The next day we talked for hours! We talked about the boys and how crazy we had been. We had really annoyed the people in our class, they hated when we talked about Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, but we were just so crazy about them that we couldn’t stop. We had some great laughs about the old memories.

We planned that I should fly to NY a week before the concert and then live with her a week after. 14 days with Ida it just couldn’t be anything else but hilarious.



I’m sitting on the airplane on my way to NY. I am so exited to see Ida again. I am listening to my old list of favorites songs on my iPod and suddenly one of the boy’s songs came up. I smiled to myself and then I got a good feeling in my stomach. I was really looking forward to sing and dance to their concert with Ida and I was a little exited to see Niall and the boys again. I had all the time I’ve known One direction loved Niall a little bit more than the other lads.

Ida picked me up in the airport. We were so happy to see each other again and we just couldn’t stop talking or laughing. We were walking behind 5 boys and they were really walking slowly. Suddenly one of them loses their jacket on the floor, but he doesn’t see it so he just kept on walking. I picked the jacket up and Ida stopped the boys. When they turn around you see that it is One Direction. "You lost your jacket" I said and handle it to the blond guy. It was Niall. All the old feelings kept on coming back, and I just let the 15-year-old girl take over my body, but I kept it controlled… I will not let her fan girl know. "Thanks babe" he said in his cute Irish accent. The girl had now taking over my thoughts now, but I kind of enjoyed it. I was picking up my stuff and was ready to get home to Ida’s apartment.

"Wait..! Our bus is here first in an hours and we were on our way to get something to eat, do you want to join us?" Harry asks. Ida looked at me. She had the same feelings for Harry like I had for Niall, but I think that her feelings always was a little bigger than mine. This moment was the moment we always had dreamed of. And now it was a dream came true. I know it is a dream we dreamt 4 years ago, but a dream is a dream no matter how old it is. "Yes we will love to"  Ida answers Harry, and a big smile came on the boy’s faces.

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