Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


2. What just happened?

I had maths in the morning which i thought was unfair because i was practically still asleep. I could feel Jake death staring me from acroos the room. When i said no to going on a date with him he took it hard. Its not as though i didnt like him, i just couldnt shake the feeling i was destined to be with someone else. He obviously didnt understand that. By the time it go to recess i had an enormous head ache. Im pretty sure it was from my math teachers unbelievably high pitched voice.

"Hey Drake has been checking you out all recess" whispered Katy into my ear. I turned around to find Drake staring at me. He was definatly good looking but... not for me. I turned back to Katy and shrugged. "oh my gosh when are you finally going to say yes to one of these super fine guys" she asked, she turned to Drake and gave him a little flirtatous wave. I just shook my head and giggled. The bell rang and i grabbed my bag of the ground and swung it over my shoulder, and headed towards history.

I chose the seat next to the window, letting the sun stream onto my body. Mrs Bunten started a lecture about World War I and i started to zone out. About thirty minutes into the lesson she started to ask the class questions. "So who wants to tell me why the war started?" she asked. Im pretty sure everyone avoided eye contact with her. "Jess why...." she couldnt finish her sentence so i looked up to find everyone staring at me with there jaws wide open. I looked down to see that the sun was making my skin glow. I smiled but it soon faded when i realised that it wasnt the sun making my skin glow. I looked up at the 30 other people in the room staring at me in shock. "but what.. ?" i stutered. I stood up and the room filled with gasps.

My head snapped up when someone ran into the room. It was a guy about my age and he was gorgous. He had a glowing tan that spread over his broad build. I could see his muscles through his shirt. His short brunnette hair made his brown eyes stand out. He was the most stunnig boy i had ever seen! He walked over and grabbed my arm. I just looked up at him. "Jess we have to go" he stated. I just blinked blankly at him.


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