Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


5. Wait im not the only one?

The car drives off leaving me and Jason standing there, our faces so close I can hear his heart beating. His deep brown eyes are locked on mine. He takes a step back and looks away from my eyes. I try to make sure the dissapointment dosn't show on my face. "Its not that simple Jason" I whisper. He just chuckles and shakes his head. His laugh makes me smile "And what do you thinks so funny" I ask whilst grinning. He walks further away so he is standing in the middle of the pattock. "Lift me up" he states. I shake my head "what?" seriously this kid has obviously not picked up the hint that i cant. "You heard me, lift me up" i shake my head when he says this. But i know there is no point arguing so i try. I stare at Jason, and put my arms by my side. I try to imagine pulling the energy from within me, the same way i did when i made myself float in the air. Im suddenly over whelmed by the rush of energy that flows throughout my body. But i know its not enough so I try something I have never done before. I clench my fists and instead of letting the energy run through me, i try to harnest it in my hand, I try to gather it up.

Now I know soemthings different. The power is stronger, but instead of letting it lift me I take control of it in my fists. I imagine sending it to Jason, The power in my fists is to much, its to strong to control. I panic ! Power like this could hurt someone. Im lifted of the ground and this makes me panic more. My skin is glowing again and I can see from the corner of my eye that my hair is liquid silver still. Im radiating power that I dont know if I can control. But I know i have to try or someone is going to get hurt. I look over to Jason and he is looking at me in aghst, I imagine the energy flowing from me to him and for a split second i see fear in Jason's eyes but it fades and I can feel him, he trusts me!

The energy starts to flow from me, as i try to control the amount of energy that I was releasing. I focus on making it surround Jason. He gasps in shock and my head snaps up, he's smiling as the energy circles him. Brushing his skin, I smile back at him as he slowly lifts of the ground. He looks paniced but he soon calms as he floats there. I glide over to him as we both hover of the ground. "This is amazing, your amazing" he says. I pick up his hand and hold as the energy flows freely between us. "I cant believe im doing this" I gasp. He just smiles back at me "never under estimate what you can do" he whispers as he leans into me. I meet him halfway and our lips touch, sending shivers through us both. He pulls away and we both smile. My cheeks turn red, Jason looks me up and down taking in my glowing skin and my silver hair. "are you ready to go home" when he says this its obvious how over whelmed he still is so I decide to mess with him more. I close my eyes and in my head I think "Im scared to be a goddess ! Who was the goddess before me ? who created me if i am the goddess?" He gasps as the thoughts fill his head. "Wow haha, to answer your question. You may be a goddess of Arishra but remeber there are 6 planets that contain life although you probaly dont know about them. But there is one Creater. He created you and the other gods, he created all the planets. Your one of his children along with 5 others, he cared for Arishra until he created you to care for Arishra and its people". (he said outloud, im the only one who can speak to people telepathically) No fricken way ! there where other Gods and goddesses, There was a Creater of it all. My head felt fuzzy and unfortunatly because I was still in this human body I could faint and I did.

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