Jess is special. But she cant let anyone know. She hates living a boring life when she has such a Amazing secret. When will she be able to reveal the secret? And why ?


9. Things get complicated

"Goddess.. Jess are you okay" I awoke to Jason's voice, I could hear the concern and worry in his voice. "Jess JESS" he was now screaming. I chuckled and headed to the door that he was now banging on loudly. I opened it just as he went to knock and he ended up punching me in the face. My hand shot to my face as I collapsed with the pain. Jason's arms caught me as he sat me on the side of the bed. "Jess oh my gosh im so sorry, please forgive me, im so sorry, im such a moron, please please forgive me" He was rushing his words as he held me tight. I chuckled again and he stood up and kneeled before me. "Its ok, its fine haha" I could see relief wash over his face. "Thank you im sorry Jess I truley am" he said. I smiled at him, blood started to drip from my nose so Jason pulled his white shirt from over his head and handed it to me. I grabbed it and held it to my nose "I didnt think Goddesses could get bleading noses" I said as I started to wonder if there were any differances between a human and goddess body. "Well normally a goddess wouldnt be punched in the face and if she did she would probaly use her powers to fling the person across the room before they did or something" he said with a cheeky grin on his face. I playefully slapped him on the arm, the arm that was now bare revealing his golden muscles and tanned lushes body.

After I cleaned up I met Jason on the verandah that over looked Arishra. "Jason in my dream I visited earth?" I asked, he just shrugged "Sorry but I do not understand any of this" he said and I noticed he looked a little bit embarresed. I placed my hand over his "well I guess we will have to work it out together" I said smiling at him. He smiled back but his smile dropped as he pulled his hand from mine. He looked at me like he had just seen a ghost. I looked at him not hiding how confused I was, but he just turned away and walked back inside. Leaving me there feeling confused and hurt. Who would have thought my guardian would be the one to hurt me.

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